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If we could bottle the feeling of working in our stores, we could sell it. It's exhilarating, engaging, challenging and like hanging out with your best friends while doing stuff you love.

Our store employees often say one of the greatest benefits of working in the store is the fabulous co-workers they spend their time with. Great people simply make everything from working the register to unloading the truck more fun! As a store employee, you'll have the satisfaction of helping customers get organized. From merchandise processing to displaying product to helping design custom closets, you'll be part of a team that "gets it done with fun!" And as an employee-first company, we invest in YOU! We offer full-time leadership positions, as well as part-time positions with a variety of schedules and plenty of leadership, sales and customer service training.

What's it like?

  • Stores - Levi

    "One of the biggest factors in my decision to join The Container Store was the warm, safe, and secure environment. I remember stating in the interview, 'this all seems too good to be true,' and I can assure you that it is not." LEVI

  • Stores - Wanda

    "I'm a part-time employee and it's perfect for me since it provides so much flexibility around my teaching schedule. I normally work one to two nights a week and one day on the weekend. Most of the time I work in order processing. I enjoy the time crunch of running around quickly to get the pickup orders together. I've also unloaded trucks, worked the register, and helped with inventory. I love the chance to work in many different areas!" WANDA

  • Stores - Dawn

    "The one thing I always commented to my husband and my friends when I started the interview process for the seasonal position was I was amazed at how many interviews I did for a seasonal job. It goes back to that whole Foundation Principle, 1 equals 3, you have that whole fantastic process for getting the right person and it's just amazing to me." DAWN