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Home Office

Working at one of the BEST places to work in the country is truly something to celebrate! Here at our Dallas-Fort Worth headquarters, we support our stores and online business while having more fun than you thought possible at work.

Of course, every day can't be Chili Cook-Off, Derby Day, School Supply Drive or FORTUNE Celebration Day, but even regular days are packed with the fun of working alongside people you really care about while doing something you love. Whether you're in accounting, buying, creative, information systems, operations, merchandising, marketing, analytics, logistics, recruiting or training, you are valued not just for what you do, but for who you are. What you've heard about us is absolutely true. We really do put you first, so we do everything we can to help you grow and improve your skills through leadership training, sales/customer service training, online instruction and seminars. One of the perks of working at the Home Office is taking advantage of special services like chair massages, dry cleaning services, and our onsite Gumby café that is subsidized by the company.

What's it like?

  • Home Office - Ken

    "I love that I can personally impact and add to the culture and great work environment at The Container Store. Our 1=3 Foundation Principle means each employee is valued and valuable. Everyone's work is vital to our company and as such, everyone respects, appreciates and knows each other. This is the first company I've worked at where titles don't matter. I know our executive management team from spending time in their offices and working with them." KEN

  • Home Office - Chris

    "I cannot imagine my life without the wonderful influence of The Container Store. My TCS family has helped me grow in so many ways, both as an employee and a person. I even met my wife here! I am truly grateful for every opportunity they've given me, and in return I try to be the best 1=3 employee I can be." CHRIS

  • Home Office - Bryn

    "Something that I continue to learn is how important it is to help support our employee-first culture. That includes taking care of each other, respecting one another, and helping to set everyone up for success. I honestly believe our culture is what sets our company apart and makes this such a great place to work!" BRYN