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The Home Edit's Vanity & Makeup Organization Collection

See how our favorite organization experts use these great new products in their own bathrooms!

by Brad

Photo courtesy of Crisp Collective

Ever since they were recently introduced, our new vanity and makeup organization products from The Home Edit have been a big hit with our customers. These sleek, clear products have a myriad of uses in the bathroom, so professional organizers have especially taken a shine to them.

Many of our Brand Ambassadors have also fallen for them, using these products on their own bathroom countertops and in drawers, cabinets, and under sink areas. Needless to say, they've been impressed with the results. Check out how they used these products below!


Because the countertop area is out in the open, it's also the area of the bathroom where clutter is most noticeable. Luckily, The Home Edit's attractive new collection of countertop organization products restores order instantly.

Photo courtesy of The Glamorous Gal

Glamorous Gal Kristen Lawler utilized The Home Edit Mini 2-Drawer Organizer to store smaller items such as cotton pads and swabs, and stacked a Tall Organizer Bin with a removable divider on top for makeup brushes. "Laying everything out in clear bins and drawers creates an organized, functional and aesthetically pleasing look that is so easy to achieve!" she says.

Photo courtesy of Neat Freak Mckinney

Lisa Trigsted of Neat Freak McKinney is another fan of the Mini 2-Drawer Organizer, which she finds useful for smaller cosmetic items such as concealer, mascara, and eyeliner. Plus the top tray can act as a convenient spot for storing your eyeglasses during your morning makeup routine. "These are so good for the bathroom, but they would work beautifully on a night stand too!" she adds.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Rosenthal

Organizing expert Rachel Rosenthal found The Home Edit's Organizer Bins and Stackable Drawers useful in her bathroom for storing items such as haircare products, brushes, and accessories. "I also used a similar setup for face essentials and nail polish," she says, adding that it's important not to put too many items on the counter if you can help it. "I kept this section strictly to the items that I use the most so they are close at hand."

Photo courtesy of Blossoming Interiors

Marie Luciano of Blossoming Interiors also found some of The Home Edit's products useful for hair accessories--specifically, their Accessory Bin with Sliding Tray, which she employs for scrunchie storage. She also notes the importance of advance planning prior to tackling an organization project: "Before purchasing things, make sure you always measure the space you want to organize so you know what size containers and bins will fit."

Photo courtesy of Pinch of Help

Pinch of Help's Brittani Allen is another proponent of utilizing The Home Edit Stackable Drawers for countertop cosmetics storage: "It is beautiful, functional and will keep your space organized. That's a win all around!"


Several of our organizing guru friends also employed our products to give their bathroom drawers a much-needed makeover. While not as immediately visible as a countertop, well-organized drawers are just as important.

Photo courtesy of Joelle Uzyel

L.A.-based interior designer Joelle Uzyel dramatically improved the functionality of her makeup drawer using The Home Edit Expandable Drawer Organizer and iDesign Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers. "They made it so easy to organize quickly!" she gushes.

Photo courtesy of Crisp Collective

Blogger Bethany Crisp of Crisp Collective used the collection all over her bathroom, but found that it worked particularly well in her drawers. Like Joelle, once she added the Expandable Drawer Organizer and iDesign Linus Drawer Organizers, her hair and makeup products were beautifully tidy. "I love that everything has a place, and I can easily see it all! Otherwise, this drawer can quickly become a catch all!" Bethany says.

Photo courtesy of BeeNeat

Becky Marple, professional organizer at BeeNeat, employed a different but no less impressive system in her bathroom drawer: The Home Edit Angled Expandable Drawer Organizer. Paired with the Accessory Bin with Sliding Tray, as well as the Organizer Bins and Dividers, she created a customized and fully-functional cosmetic storage system in no time at all.

Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet can be a tricky organizational challenge due to limited space and shallow shelves, but we offer several products that nevertheless work very well in this type of space.

Photo courtesy of Nife Akingbe

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Nife Akingbe efficiently utilized the shelf space just below her vanity mirror (and certainly looked fabulous while doing it!) with The Home Edit's Mini 2-Drawer Organizer and Large Deep Stackable Drawer. "They're the perfect height!" she says. "Literally everything fits into the vanity. Since the products weren't too tall, I didn't have to worry about the cabinets not closing. I was able to fit practically everything--my skin care products, foundation, brushes, lipsticks, Q-tips etc."

Photo courtesy of Hello Francois

"NYC Lifestylist" Francois of Hello Francois made terrific use of his limited medicine cabinet space with The Home Edit Organizer Bins, Mini 2-Drawer Organizers, and 2-Tier Organizer. By designating "zones" for himself, his husband Ken, and their everyday medicine bottles, Francois created an organized space to be very proud of!

Photo courtesy of Organize for Love

Professional organizer Rebekah Love of Organize for Love was also working with a small, cramped New York City medicine cabinet and chose The Home Edit 2-Tier Organizer and an assortment of iDesign Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers to properly compartmentalize it. She managed to find space for her medications, first aid supplies, oral hygiene products, essential oils, and more, and then added labels for a finishing touch. She also offers a useful organization prep tip: "After I removed everything, I set up my new organization products on my 'blank canvas' based on my sketch. I'm visual, so I like to draw out my plans before purchasing products."

Under Sink Area

Finally, we come to the under sink area--that pesky, messy wasteland of toilet paper rolls, hairspray cans, and extra shampoo bottles. But never fear: The Home Edit has you covered for that area as well!

Photo courtesy of Straighten Up by Janelle

Professional organizer Janelle Cohen of Straighten Up by Janelle went all in when it came to organizing her under sink area. Thanks to The Home Edit Stackable Drawers, Stackable Hair Tool Bin, Large Lazy Susan, and All-Purpose Deep Bins with Dividers, her cosmetics and hair products now have their proper place. And with a little help from Our Shoe Boxes, the result is truly astonishing. (No wonder Janelle looks so happy!)

Photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess 101

Another social media-worthy bathroom is the one belonging to Rachel Dickerson of A Beautiful Mess 101. The Houston-based professional organizer outfitted her under sink cabinet area with a variety of The Home Edit Stackable Drawers and Organizer Bins, then completed the look with stylish labels. She even spray painted the bottom of the sink rose gold!

Photo courtesy of Personal Organizer Miami

The Home Edit's All-Purpose Bins also came in handy for Personal Organizer Miami. Combined with their Large Drawers, 9" Lazy Susan, Divided Lazy Susan, and Pantry Canisters, she created a beautifully organized space with everything tidily tucked away in its own spot.

Photo courtesy of Breathing Room Organization

For Holly Blakey of Breathing Room Organization, the organization challenge was tidying up the under sink area in a kid's bathroom. "From teeny tiny little hair elastics to their bath toys, a kiddo's bathroom can take on a life of its own," she says. She broke down the bathroom into specific organization "zones" for different types of items and designated the under sink space for overstock items (such as shampoo, toilet paper, cotton balls, bar soap, etc.), wash clothes, and the ever-important bath toys. Once she'd added The Home Edit's Stackable Drawers and Organizer Bins, the space was all ready to go!

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