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Get Organized with The Home Edit, now streaming only on Netflix

Shop Clea and Joanna's exclusive collections and favorite products

by Brad

We're so excited that our friends Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit just launched Get Organized with The Home Edit, now streaming only on Netflix, in which they bring the beautiful gift of organization to their clients' closets, pantries, offices, playrooms, and more! Take a look at the trailer below:

This dynamic de-cluttering duo is a big fan of our products--and, of course, of their own exclusive signature product collection--so we were overjoyed when they featured so many in their new show. Here are a handful of their favorites...

The Home Edit Fridge Storage Products

We'll start with the obvious--The Home Edit's own FABULOUS assortment of refrigerator storage products! Their Fridge Bins, Divided Fridge Drawers, Berry Bins, Produce Bins, and Egg Bins are kitchen game-changers, with a strong and clear design that allows you to easily find the food you're looking for while also insuring it stay fresh!

Grey Montauk Square Cubes (paired with The Home Edit Clear Bin Clip Labels)

Our Grey Montauk Square Cubes and The Home Edit Clear Bin Clip Labels are an unbeatable organization combination--a one-two punch of aesthetic beauty and functionality. The soft neutral color and sturdy weave of the cubes provide an attractive storage option for items such as toys, books, toiletries, and towels. And the Bin Clips fit easily onto the cubes--as well as on many more of our storage bins--allowing you to contain and label with ease.

Like-it Modular Drawers, Drawer Organizers, and Bricks

Truly a versatile system if there ever was one, our Like-it system features clever organization solutions that are useful just about everywhere in your home. It's no wonder The Home Edit team loves using them. The Modular Drawers come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for use in your office, closet, or dorm. The Like-it Bricks also come in a variety of sizes and can easily be stacked and divided for an ultra-customized storage system. And the Drawer Organizers have a name that doesn't even begin to describe what they can do--they can be stacked and labeled to organize pantry items, office supplies, under sink items, cleaning supplies, you name it!

Yamazaki Tosca Baskets and Laundry Hampers

Another beautiful storage option favored by Clea and Joanna are our Yamazaki Tosca Baskets and Laundry Hampers. Constructed of flat, textured metal wire and featured wooden handles, these bins are super durable and a great option for your laundry room or pantry. (Plus, the bottoms even feature tiny foam pads to prevent them from scratching your shelves and countertops!)

Cambridge Drawer Organizers

Finally, our Cambridge Drawer Organizers (available in linen, grey, black, and navy) are a sophisticated, well-designed solution for keeping lingerie, undergarments, hosiery and accessories organized, visible, accessible and protected. Available in four different sizes, you can use them to create a customized organization solution perfect for just about any dresser drawer--something many clients of The Home Edit have come to appreciate.

To shop even more of The Home Edit's favorite storage and organization products, click here.