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Organization Inspiration for Your Entire House

Favorite projects from our Brand Ambassadors

by Brad

If you're looking for a little organization inspiration, we've rounded up a quick list of cool projects our Brand Ambassadors tackled in their own homes this past year. Check them out below!

Practically Perfect

Photo courtesy of Practically Perfect

Kitt from Practically Perfect created a cool new crafting and learning space in her garage. Decked out with white Elfa Shelving, mobile Drawer Units, Utility Boards, and Nordic Storage Baskets, it's truly a kid's dream play space!

(See the Instagram post here.)

Pinch of Help

Photo courtesy of Pinch of Help

Over the summer, Brittany Allen (Pinch of Help) outfitted her fridge with The Home Edit's clearly (pardon the pun) amazing Fridge Drawers and Bins. "Refrigerator organization can be tricky," she says. "Groceries change from week to week, and as an organizer it's important for us to put systems in place that are flexible and sustainable."

(See more on her blog here.)

Grid + Glam

Photo courtesy of Grid + Glam

Grid + Glam's Corinne Morahan shared photos of how one of her team members utilized our new Garage Track System and Heavy-Duty Wall Storage Rack to keep their outdoor gardening tools and BBQ supplies tidier. "We know that summer gear can get dirty very quickly, so take this time to clean what you can!" she says.

(See more on her blog here.)

Sweet Pembroke Home

Photo courtesy of Sweet Pembroke Home

Eileen from Sweet Pembroke Home shared photos of her new jewelry storage system. "With the help of [The Container Store's] Glass Jewelry Stackers, I have found a place for my rings, bracelets, and even my designer sunglasses," she says. "I have the items I use daily on my nightstand so that I can easily reach them, and the other jewelry that I don't wear as often is displayed on my dresser. No more tangled necklaces and piles of rings in a dish!"

(See more on her blog here.)

Neat Freak McKinney

Photo courtesy of Neat Freak McKinney

After tackling her linen closet, Lisa Trigsted (Neat Freak McKinney) turned her attention to her garage. Working with one of our Virtual In-Home Designers, she was able to create a beautiful new Elfa storage system for her tools, bikes, holiday decorations, and more!

(See more on her blog here.)

Kaleidoscope Living

Photo courtesy of Kaleidoscope Living

Tasha (Kaleidoscope Living) performed a complete makeover on her makeup area using our Luxe Acrylic Modular System. What once was a cluttered countertop is now a neatly-organized cosmetic station where only the essentials are visible while the rest is hidden away. "I'm a big believer in taking advantage of vertical storage, and this system does exactly that!" Tasha says.

(See more on her blog here.)

Mattie James

Photo courtesy of Mattie James

Back in December, lifestyle expert Mattie James used a variety of our products (including our Open Canvas Bins) to overhaul her holiday storage area. "The goal? Not to drive Hubs crazy with Christmas stuff all over the garage January through October!" she says.

(See more on her blog here.)

Style + Dwell

Photo courtesy of Style + Dwell

Armed with an assortment of our products (including Water Hyacinth Bins, ProKeeper Canisters, Linus Bins and Labels), Ashley from Style + Dwell tackled a disorganized cabinet pantry and made it look like a whole new space! "Finally, everything has a place!" she gushes.

(See more on their blog here.)


Photo courtesy of Cakies

For Ruby Ellen Bratcher (Cakies), the pantry challenge was how to best utilize the door space. Her solution? The Elfa Door & Wall Rack, of course! She was particularly impressed with how simple it was to install. "It was SOOO easy to put together!" Ruby says.

(See more on her Instagram post here.)

Photo courtesy of

Marj Reyes took on her messy fridge, and the results were spectacular! "My husband and I are first-time apartment owners," she explains. "Now that we have our own space, it's exciting to organize and set up just the way we like it." Using our OXO greensaver Produce Keepers, Linus Egg Bin, and Linus Wine Holders, it's now a space capable of making her smile every time she opens the door.

(See more on her blog here.)

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