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Our Favorite Elfa Makeovers of 2019

We highlight some of the year's best space transformations

by Brad

Whether it's a closet, office, pantry, garage, craft space, play room, or just about any other area of your home, The Container Store has Elfa solutions to help our customers find more space and organize their lives. Over the past year, we've had the pleasure of seeing countless people transform their homes using Elfa and, since there are year-end "best of" lists for just about everything nowadays, we wanted to make our own list and take a look back at some of our favorite Elfa space makeovers....

An Accessible "His and Hers" Master Closet

Blogger Lizzy O tells the story of how her master closet was updated to not only be more organized, but also wheelchair-accessible:

"With the help of Elfa Décor, we were FINALLY able to maximize our space! From my bags to all of my hanging clothes, folded clothing, and even jewelry, I am just SO HAPPY with how much space we ended up having for everything!"

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Elfa: The Best Way to Make Over Your Garage

Leslie Saeta of My 100 Year Old Home used Platinum Ventilated Elfa Shelves to help get her garage in order:

"At our small beach home in Ventura, CA, every room is used heavily--especially our garage. First of all, it's always been a very popular place for our grown boys as it hosts a bar, TV, ping pong table, and dartboard. It's also our laundry room, as well as our storage space for surfboards, wet suits, bikes and lots of household supplies. Needless to say, we have needed a garage makeover for a very long time! I knew it was a bigger job than what I could do myself. Fortunately The Container Store came to the rescue."

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Ashley TerKeurst Hodges's Amazing Office Makeover

Blogger Ashley TerKeurst Hodges was so happy to finally get her home office in order using Elfa shelves:

"As a big fan of The Container Store, Ashley insisted on Elfa custom shelves. 'All you have to do is go into The Container Store and design exactly what you need. Simple choose Elfa Classic or Elfa Décor, then add shelves, closet rods, drawers and accessories,.' she says. 'You can see it in person and make the perfect plan to fit the dimensions of your space!' With a brand-new Elfa design and a great team of installers and organizers, she was ready to go at last!"

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A Custom Closet Fit For a Teen!

Julie of The Design Twins tackled her teen son's closet with the help of The Container Store's Custom Closets design team:

"After clearing out the space, Julie and her twin sister Jodie met with one of The Container Store's premier Custom Closets designers to get started on an Elfa space. 'We loved every part of the process,' Julie says. 'Even though Jodie and I spend a lot of time decorating, we are not experts in closet design, so we were extremely grateful for the patience and expertise of the design consultants at The Container Store. They are very knowledgeable and great to work with!'"

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More Space to Play

Brendt Blanks (She Gave It A Go) used an Elfa Door & Wall Rack and Coloring Table to not only organize her son's toys, but also give him the ability to enjoy his room more:

"Over time, Brendt noticed her son Paul was playing less and less in his room. In fact, he'd end up playing with just a few toys on the couch instead of playing with all of his toys in his play area....Thankfully, after having turned to us to help with her master closet and other projects, Brendt knew where to find everything she needed to restore Paul's playroom to a space where he could actually play and have fun. She reached out and asked us to partner with her on this project. Of course, we were eager to help!"

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Did you transform your space with Elfa this year? If so, feel free to share a photo in the comments below!

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