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New Organization Inspiration for the New Year

Inspiring Elfa spaces from our Brand Ambassadors

by Brad

Photo courtesy of Rachel Rosenthal

With the new year in full swing, many of our customers are taking the opportunity to freshen up their closets, pantries, bathrooms, offices, and other spaces with Elfa. With its durable construction and modular flexibility, this easily-customizable shelving solution is the best way to improve your storage and organization game in practically any area of your home.

Several of our Brand Ambassador friends have also recently taken the time to overhaul both their own spaces and those of their clients with Elfa. Take a look at the results below!


Photos courtesy of BeeNeat

Professional organizer Becky Marple (BeeNeat) recently took the time to redo both her and her husband's closets with Elfa. After choosing Birch Décor and White components, they added plenty of drawers and shoe shelves, while also maintaining plenty of hanging space. "We were shocked at how fast and easy it was to install!" she wrote on Instagram. "The quality is top-notch. It makes putting away laundry faster, [and] getting ready for the day so much easier!"

Rachel Rosenthal

Photo courtesy of Rachel Rosenthal

Professional organizer Rachel Rosenthal and her client also opted for an easy DIY install. But instead of a clothing closet, they tackled the client's laundry room. In a blog post, she takes her readers through the entire process, from measurement and designing to installation and finishing touches. Once the Elfa Ventilated Shelves, White Décor Fascia trim, and Water Hyacinth Bins were in place, it looked like a whole new space! "The end result of this organized laundry room is stunning!" Rachel says. "The ability to customize the Elfa system allowed us to squeeze in more storage in the laundry room by utilizing the small wall on the right for additional shelves. We choose Classic Elfa and added Décor Trim and Standard Covers for polished look, but it's still perfectly durable for a laundry room."

Organize for Love

Photo courtesy of Organize for Love

Professional organizer Rebekah Bashorun (Organize for Love) tackled her own laundry room project, but the required solution was even simpler--an Elfa Door & Wall Rack! "If you don't know, Elfa is one of [The Container Store's] tried and true products," she says. "It's genius in its set up, break down, and customization." She also notes that it's great for apartment-dwellers since it does not require any drilling. She used the Mesh Baskets to store items such as cleaners and wipes, and the Utility Board for smaller items that normally don't have a "home" (hand sanitizer bottles, masks, gloves, etc.). "This system can be [also] used for a wardrobe to hold your accessories and electronics, or used in a utility closet," Rebekah adds. "The possibilities are endless."

Pinch of Help

Photo courtesy of Pinch of Help

Another fan of our Elfa Door & Wall Rack is organizer Brittani Allen (Pinch of Help). In her case, she uses it in her "dreaded" linen closet. "Ok, not to be overly dramatic, but my linen closet received zero love when it came to organizing my home," she says. " [But] when The Container Store reached out about their annual Elfa Sale, I knew it was just the area I wanted to tackle." After tidying up her existing shelves with our beautiful Grey Rattan Storage Bins and The Home Edit Clear Bin Clips, she utilized the vertical space on her door to store items such as grooming supplies and cosmetics. She was even able to fit an Elfa Utility Shoe Rack on the bottom of the Door Rack for her slippers!

Photo courtesy of Pinch of Help

For her blog readers, Brittani also created a second version of the Door Rack to illustrate its flexibility. This second setup has a small Utility Board with Hooks for hanging robes at the tops, and plenty of space for slippers and cosmetics at the bottom. Such a clever use of space!

Hello Francois

Photo courtesy of Hello Francois

Blogger Francois-Yves Auget-Takada (Hello Francois) was also able to incorporate Elfa into his existing closet space. "In our New York City apartment, we only have one closet, so my husband and I have no other option but to share," he says. "Dividing it in two and mirroring both sides made the most sense, so each of us would have the same amount of space to store clothes, bags and even shoes!" Underneath the hanging clothes, each side has Walnut Décor Drawer Frames and White Mesh Drawers for socks, underwear, and folded shirts. Then, both of the closet doors feature Elfa Door & Wall Racks for shoe storage. "No need to tell you that every inch of space is being used," he adds. "Our Elfa system helps us keep everything easily accessible, organized and looking great."

Personal Organizer Miami

Photo courtesy of Personal Organizer Miami

When organizer Anabely Lopes (Personal Organizer Miami) was tasked with renovating a teenager's closet for one of her clients, she knew immediately that Elfa would be the best solution. Working with both her client and an expert Custom Closets designer, they were able to create a beautifully organized space using Classic White Elfa and featuring accessories such as Angled Shoe Shelves and Drawers. When the work was done, the space was completely transformed for the better!

Wow--nothing like a freshly-organized Elfa space! To get started on your own Elfa space, be sure to visit our Elfa page to schedule your own free design consultation. Or, you can create your own custom closet, Door & Wall Rack, or Drawer Unit using our Design Center.

And be sure to follow our Brand Ambassadors on social media for even more great organization tips and ideas!