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How to Spice Up Your Baking Cabinets

Great tips and product suggestions from our Brand Ambassadors

by Brad

Photo courtesy of Personal Organizer Miami

It's incredibly common for the area you store your spices in to become cluttered with duplicate and expired items. Whether you store your spices in a pantry, rack, or drawer, it's the place that can potentially ruin a recipe the quickest. Rather than finding yourself accidentally making cinnamon rolls with cinnamon that expired months ago, now's the time to get your spice space in order--trust us, your taste buds will thank you for it.

To help you get started, take a look at these tips and suggestions from our Brand Ambassadors!

Rachel Rosenthal

Photo courtesy of Rachel Rosenthal

Professional organizer Rachel Rosenthal has several tips for spice organization. "As with all types of organizing," she says, "you need to assess everything that you have before you dive into organizing. Remove every last spice jar, rolled up bag of flour and half used bottle of sprinkles from your cabinet and assess what you have on hand...[then] check expiration dates and toss products that have gone bad."

Once the purge is completed, Rachel says to make sure you choose your organization products carefully. Personally, she's a fan of our 3 oz. Glass Spice Bottles and iDesign Linus Expandable Cabinet & Spice Organizer. Once she added her own labels--which helpfully include the expiration dates--the result looked stunning!

Personal Organizer Miami

Photo courtesy of Personal Organizer Miami

Anabely Lopes (Personal Organizer Miami) recently organized the baking station of a client who loves to bake cakes. The centerpiece of their new organization system is our ProKeeper Baker's Storage Set. "It's amazing," says Anabely. "The set includes a removable shake/pour insert lid, a removable leveler, a powdered sugar duster, and a terra cotta disk to keep brown sugar soft longer." Paired with our Glass Spice Bottles and iDesign Linus Spice Rack, her client is now armed with a terrific storage solution that will help make baking easier than ever before.

Breathing Room Organization

Photo courtesy of Breathing Room Organization

"I love that cold weather means hot chili and lots of baking," says Holly Blakely of Breathing Room Organization. "[But] you know what I don't love? Old, tasteless spices!" To help combat this problem, she also, overhauled her spice shelves with the ProKeeper Baker's Set, Glass Spice Bottles, and iDesign Linus Spice Rack. She then added some earthier touches--specifically our Water Hyacinth Bins (with Bin Clip Labels) and Bamboo Lazy Susans. The labeled bins are a smart solution for back stock and lesser-used items, and the lazy susans make larger bottles and jars--maple syrup, vinegar, olive oil, etc.--more easily accessible.

The Glamorous Gal

Photo courtesy of The Glamorous Gal

Kristin Lawler (The Glamorous Gal) took up this organization challenge as well. "Kitchen pantry and spice organization has to be one of the most daunting--but also one of the most anticipated--projects that I will take on," she says. "We actually have a fair amount of space in our kitchen for storage and organization, but all that really means is that we end up accumulating extra stuff, which leads to clutter."

After Kristin got rid of the unused and expired ingredients, the ProKeeper Baker's Set, Glass Spice Bottles, and iDesign Linus Expandable Organizer helped restore a much-needed sense of order. "A lot of the reason for the extra ingredients was because I usually couldn't give an accurate account of what I had because my pantry was such a mess," she says. "Now, I have clearly labelled bins that show me exactly what I have, I can be sure that my ingredients are fresh. I can also easily see when I need to re-stock."

Organize for Love

Photo courtesy of Organize for Love

"We're still in the thick of holiday season, so it's not too late to get your kitchen together," says professional organizer Rebekah Love (Organize for Love). After organizing her cabinets with several of our products, she was particularly impressed by the ProKeeper Baker's Set. "Despite doing home organization for over 15 years, I still learn new tips and tricks daily," she notes, citing the Brown Sugar Container's terra cotta disk as an example. "If you're like me, you've been microwaving your brown sugar wrapped in a wet paper towel [to soften it up]." To demonstrate how the terra cotta disk keeps brown sugar fresh, she even posted a helpful Instagram video (below). The result, she says, is truly a game changer!

We loved seeing how these products made a difference in our friends' pantries. And, of course, we can't wait to see how they make a difference in yours too! (You can share photos of your latest organization products with us and check out others' projects here.)

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