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Our Newest Kitchen Solutions from The Home Edit

Even more ways to keep your food fresh and easy to find

by Brad

When Clean and Joanna of The Home Edit partnered with iDesign last year to introduce their collection of clever and multi-functional home storage and organization products, it was truly a match made in heaven! The Home Edit's professional organization experience and know-how, combined with iDesign's skillful designers and durable Resipreme plastic, resulted in a truly game-changing line of products and we were so proud to be their exclusive retailer.

Now, after dazzling customers across the country with these amazing solutions, The Home Edit and iDesign are back for more! Their newest group of products focuses on fridge, freezer, and pantry storage. Check them out below!

Fridge and Freezer Bins

To help keep your refrigerator and freezer organized, The Home Edit has introduced several clever products, including drawers and several different sizes of bins. The Fridge Drawers are easily stackable and fit counter-depth fridges perfectly to maximize both the depth of your space and the height between your shelves. They even have removable dividers!

The Home Edit Large Fridge Bins also feature removable dividers, and they're perfect for fridge storage or serving. And for those with less available space, they also come in Narrow and Small sizes, and both are stackable with or without their removable lids.

The Home Edit's new Divider Freezer Bin is perfectly sized for most freezers drawers, and it features a removable divider for sorting frozen meals, bags of frozen vegetables, ice pops, ice cream, or other ice-cold goodies.

Specialty Bins (Eggs, berries, and produce)

The Home Edit has also created new products for those food items that need a little extra pampering. Their Egg Bin stacks just like the rest of the Fridge Bins and has a removable tray that can safely store and protect up to 15 eggs.

The Berry Bins come in both Small and Large sizes and feature a removable drainage tray that helps keep away moisture to preserve those berries even longer. Or, the tray can be used as a colander!

The Home Edit Produce Bin also includes a removable drainage tray and lid, and it stacks perfect with the Egg Bin or Fridge Drawer.

Pantry Bins and Canisters

For your cabinet or pantry, The Home Edit collection now features two sizes of storage bins. In tighter spaces, the Narrow Pantry Bin makes a handy solution for smaller items such as coffee pods, snack pouches, or seasoning packets, and the cut-out handles make them easy to pull out and access what you need. And for larger items, the Stacking Pantry Bins have wide front openings with a short lip perfect for Pantry Labels.

And expanding on their already-pretty-awesome arsenal of airtight food storage canisters, Joanna and Clea introduced two larger sizes--one for cereal and the other for pasta. The Pasta Canisters are taller and skinny, making them ideal for storing up to two standard boxes of spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccine, bucatini, linguine, angel hair--you name it. The Cereal Canisters hold up to two standard (or one bulk size) boxes of cereal and feature tapered handles and easy-pour spouts.

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