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New Accessories Take Our 3-Tier Cart To The Next Level

Trick out your cart with the latest organizational accoutrements

by Brad

Ever since we first introduced our 3-Tier Rolling Cart last year, it's quickly become a favorite among our customers. Equally adept at storing craft supplies, organizing toiletries in the corner of a bathroom or being used as a kitchen serving cart, it's a product that allows for a great deal of customization and has a myriad of uses around the home.

But while we were proud of the way it coordinated perfectly with our SmartStore inserts and label holders, after a while we took another look at the cart and thought "we can do even better!" So to give it even more versatility, we decided to create special pegboards, hanging organizer cups, organizer trays, and lids.

Our Bello Pegboard System, also introduced last year, seemed to be a natural fit for the carts, so we worked with our vendors to develop special pegboards in two sizes that could be easily customized with cups, bins, and hooks. The result is the perfect system to store pens, scissors, tape dispensers or variety of other items.

Another new addition to our assortment is the Hanging Organizer Cup. It's a convenient way to keep track of pens, pencils, and markers, and it's available in three colors (clear, white, or dark grey).

For the top of the cart, we now have regular lids (in white or aspen), Reversible Organizer Lids, and a Sliding Organizer Tray. These allow you to use the top of the cart as a work surface, or a divided space for storing small items.

What's next for the 3-Tier Rolling Cart? Maybe a charcuterie board top or a special espresso machine attachment? (Probably not, but we can still dream.) Whatever it is, we're excited to continue developing brand-new accessories for this cart and finding great new ways to keep our customers organized!

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