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Simple Storage Solutions for 5 Types of Closets

Our professional organizer and blogger friends share their favorite solutions

by Brad

Recently, many of our blogger friends have spent their extra time at home conquering various organization projects. Like organizationally-inclined Julius Caesars, they came, saw and conquered different closet spaces--master closets, linen closets, kids' closets, etc.--and lived to tell the tale. Check out some of their stories below!

Kaleidoscope Living - Master Closet

Photo courtesy of Kaleidoscope Living

"Organizing is one of the things keeping me sane while I am stuck at home," says Tasha of Kaleidoscope Living. "Our master closet had gotten a bit out of control, but I tamed it quickly with these simple master closet organization products!" The primary products she chose were the Grey Cambridge Drop-Front Sweater Boxes, Shirt Boxes, and Shoe Boxes. "But don't be fooled by the names--they can store LOTS of things," Tasha says. "I put even put all of my husband's bathing suits in one, and they work perfectly!"

(Read more on her blog here.)

Neat Freak McKinney - Linen Closets

Photo courtesy of Neat Freak McKinney

Professional organizer Lisa Trigstad (Neat Freak McKinney) tackled two different spaces. In her master bathroom closet, the addition of Nova Woven Storage Bins and Birch Bin Clip Labels created designated areas for her toilet paper, sheets, and travel items. Below that, she added two Bamboo Turntables for organizing her oils and nail polish.

Photo courtesy of Neat Freak McKinney

For her upstairs linen closet, Lisa opted for a different look: Grey & White Oslo Bins and metallic Bin Clip Labels. "Keeping items contained in baskets helps the visual clutter go away," says Lisa. "Using labels helps everyone in your family--or your guests--know exactly where to find what they need, and where it goes when they're done."

(See more on Lisa's blog here.)

Home with Keki - Teen's Closet

Photo courtesy of Home with Keki

While Cecilia Cannon (Home with Keki) had hoped that her two teen boys would be as in to organizing as she is, she eventually realized that wasn't the case. (Plus the fact that the boys share a room and a closet made it even worse!) To remedy this problem, she maximized their space by hanging a 24-Pocket Over the Door Shoe Organizer on the closet door. Then, to utilize every available inch of hanging space, Cecilia switched the boys' hangers to our ultra-thin Black Premium Non-Slip Velvet Hangers. She freed up hanging space by storing their nicer, lesser-worn dress shirts in a Black Cambridge Drop-Front Shirt Box. And because the boys' double dresser was practically bursting at the seams, she gave them extra drawer space with the addition of White Elfa Mesh Closet Drawers. When she was done, she was stunned at the result. "It is amazing how an organized closet can truly transform the way we use the rest of our bedrooms and other parts of the home," she says.

(Check out more on Cecilia's blog here.)

Grid + Glam - Kid's Closet

Photo courtesy of Grid + Glam

"My son recently turned 10 years old," says Corinne Morihan, professional organizer at Grid + Glam. "While the organizing systems I implemented when he was still a toddler were holding strong, I knew that his new double-digit status warranted a closet upgrade." After purging the items her son no longer needed, she got to work sorting the remaining items into categories (shoes, books, toys, etc.) and then organized them on their built-in shelves using our Nova Woven Bins and Grey Montauk Storage Bins. And like Lisa Trigstad, Corinne is also a big fan of the Bin Clip Labels. These, she explains, are not only usual for aesthetics, but also for learning: "They also help with literacy by encouraging your child to try and read the label to see what goes inside. My son was thrilled at how easy we made this set up for him!"

(See more on her blog here.)

Style + Dwell - Multi-Purpose Closet

Photo courtesy of Style + Dwell

For their closet project, organizers Ashley and Lindsay of Style + Dwell tackled the unique challenge of a multi-purpose closet. ("We all have one," Ashley says. "The catch-all closet that evolves weekly depending on your storage needs.") Once they cleaned everything out and donated or discarded what they didn't need, they got to work containing the rest. They, too, love the neutral-yet-stylish look of our Oslo Bins and Montauk Bins, and they used them for extra clothing storage (polo shirts, workout clothes, etc.) and bath towels, as well as first aid supplies and medicine.

Photo courtesy of Style + Dwell

"While this might not be the most glamorous organizing project," says Ashley, "it sure does make a difference in terms of efficiency!"

(Read more on their blog here.)

If you're looking to take on your own organizational challenges, be sure to check out our Projects & Inspiration page for tons of tips and product suggestions!