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Organizers LOVE Our Like-it Drawers and Bricks!

See how our friends use Like-it to store cosmetics, kitchen items, and more!

by Brad

Our Like-it Modular Drawers, Bricks, and Drawer Organizers are among our most all-around useful and easily customizable storage solutions. With many different uses for your bathroom, kitchen, office, playroom and more, the possibilities are practically endless! To demonstrate the versatility of these products, we recently checked in with a few of our organizer friends to how they use them, and we certainly weren't disappointed!

Speaking of versatility, let's first take a look at how Taryn Newton (Glamorous Versatility) uses the Like-it Bricks in her bathroom closet...

Glamorous Versatility

Taryn Newton recently re-organized one of her bathroom/linen closets with a variety of our storage products. In addition to plastic and woven baskets, she also utilized Translucent Like-it Bricks and Labels to sort cosmetics, medication, and other toiletries. "I always suggest getting a variety of bins and baskets," she says. "It makes it easier to insure you can contain everything."

(See more on Taryn's blog here.)

NEAT by Meg

Another fan of using Like-it for bathroom storage is Meg Markland of NEAT by Meg. She recently posted a photo on Instagram demonstrating her use of Like-it Modular Drawers and Bricks for bathroom under-the-sink storage. She also helpfully labeled each one: medicine, hair tools, travel, etc. "The under sink area is often an underutilized space with so much potential," Meg explained to her followers. "If you have followed us for a while, you know our love for the Like-it Drawers and Bricks!"

Neat Freak McKinney

Lisa Trigsted (Neat Freak McKinney) had a different use for our Like-it Drawers: her kitchen and home office closet. "Do you ever come across a product that has so many different ways to use it, you just can't wait to get started? Well, for me that product is the Like-it Modular Drawer!" she raves. She first put two drawers in her lower kitchen cabinet to separate water bottles and lunch items, then added Multi-Purpose Labels for easy identification.

Lisa also placed the Like-it Drawers in her office closet to store many of her most frequently-used organizing supplies, such as labels and picture hangers. Once she used her trusty label maker to categorize each one, she was ready to go!

(Check out more of Lisa's ideas on how these drawer can be used here.)

Blue i Style

Angela Rathbun of Blue i Style had yet another idea for the Like-it products: her travel accessories! Tired of sorting through a ton of travel items each time she got ready to take a trip, she finally decided to tackle her storage closet and categorize each type of item by function (packing cubes, bags, passport holders, makeup and jewelry cases, etc.).

In addition to utilizing the Like-it Drawers and Bricks, she also placed the Modular Organizers inside one of the larger drawers to divide up her power converters, travel bottles, luggage tags, travel toiletries, and luggage scales into neat little compartments. "Once this project was completed, I was thrilled with how everything turned out!" she marvels. "So while I used to hate packing, I now can't wait to pack for my next trip!"

(You can read more about Angela's travel closet makeover here.)

How do you like to use Like-it products in your home? Feel free to share in the comments below!