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Organize Your Bathroom Sink Area Like A Professional

Tips and tricks from the experts

by Lauren

The very thought of a messy, cluttered bathroom under sink cabinet can bring about an uneasy feeling in many people. While it may appear just fine on the outside (thank goodness for cabinet doors!), what goes on behind those closed doors is a different story altogether. Usually chock-full of a random assortment of cleaning supplies, first-aid kits, hygiene products, spare toiletries--and who knows what else--this area can quickly turn into an embarrassing and frustrating dumping ground where good organization intentions go to die.

*heavy sigh...*

If you've made it this far, it's safe to say you know this feeling all too well. But are you ready for the good news? To help combat these cringe-inducing crannies, we reached out to some of our professional organizing friends and asked them what they use to keep the cabinet under their bathroom sink organized. Read their best tips and suggestions below--and get started organizing your bathroom under sink cabinets today!

Taryn Newton of Glamorous Versatility shows off her organized bathroom cabinet.

Taryn Newton of Glamorous Versatility recommends beginning this project with a good old-fashioned purge of unwanted or unneeded items. "For example, my baby is 10 months old, so there's no reason I still needed my delivery soothing pads!" she says. Once everything she decided to keep was categorized, she organized them using our InterDesign Clarity Stackable Drawers and Divided Bins. "This project only took me about 45 minutes!" she adds. "It made me feel so good afterwards!"

(See more on Taryn's blog here.)

Katrina Teeple's beautiful bathroom storage area.

Katrina Teeple of Operation Organization says "To me, an organized sink is a clutter-free sink with some added style. I will go to just about any length to keep products off a countertop by storing them in the drawers or cabinets instead. The Container Store has both functional and beautiful products, so when I do need to display them, they match the style of the home. My favorite products to use around a vanity are the Whitewashed Storage Bins and matching wastebasket. They are beautifully textured, and the price and quality cannot be beat!"

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Jessica Litman's under sink storage cabinet.

Jessica Litman (AKA The Organized Mama) stresses the importance of bathroom storage areas that can grow along with your family. "The system I had when they were babies wasn't working for them as they became tiny humans!" she observes. "We just had to do a little tweaking of what was stored where, rather than a total overhaul." For each item type, Jessica created designated "stations." For example, she opted for our InterDesign Linus Catch-All Cabinet Organizer to store first-aid supplies, and used the Clarity Cosmetics & Vanity Organizer for brushes and hair products.

(You can learn more on her blog here.)

Meg Markland's clean, tidy under sink space.

Meg Markland (Neat By Meg) has a tried-and-true favorite that she uses time and time again: "I talk about Like-It Drawers on my Instagram so much that when I go to new a client's home, they ask if I am going to use Like-it Drawers in their bathroom! Obviously, the answer is yes because they are my absolute favorite under-sink organizer! They come in different widths and heights to accommodate the plumbing and help you take full advantage of that often underutilized space."

(Check out more information on Meg's website.)

Neat Freak McKinney's bathroom storage solution.

Lisa Trigsted (organizer at Neat Freak McKinney) uses her bathroom under sink cabinet to store both cleaning supplies and bath toys, so she has a specific container for each. "I use the Favori Storage Caddy to corral all my cleaners and Full Circle Grout and Tile brushes," she explains. "And the Clear Handled Storage Basket is absolutely perfect for bath toys for when my grandkids come over!"

Ready to start tidying up your own bathroom blights? Shop all of our under sink bathroom storage essentials. Or, if you need more tips and tricks, head to our Projects and Inspiration for ideas galore!