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Organize Your Dresser Drawers Like A Professional

The drawer organizers Professional Organizers love

by Lauren

At some point in our lives, we've all pulled open a dresser drawer and balked at how unorganized it is. Shirts that were once crisply folded tumble out in a tangled mess of crumpled fabric while lone socks-and even worse-rogue items that don't belong, hide in the corners.

Overwhelmed with the disarray, we've wasted an unspeakable amount of time digging through this drawer in an effort to find the garment our heart was set on wearing, perhaps even at the risk of being late to work or our next appointment. Granted, every once in awhile, we might luck out and quickly find our favorite work socks, T-shirt or pair of gym shorts, but it's safe to say many of us aren't so lucky most of the time.

The good news is that creating a stylish system of organization for dresser drawers is easier (and faster) than you think. Truly, this project can be done in about the time it originally took for you to find that missing sock. So say our professional organizer and fashion blogger friends. In fact, we reached out to them for their best tips for organizing dresser drawers. Read all of their favorite tricks and product selections below to help you get started.

"When it comes to organizing clothing drawers, our goal is always the same: keep items visible  and accessible. File-fold clothing to make it easier to see what you have! Doing so also makes garments much easier to access. You can pull something out of the drawer without disrupting everything else. It's a streamlined organization style that makes getting dressed quicker and less stressful. We love using the expandable drawer dividers and linen drawer organizers "

-Joni and Kitt of Practically Perfect LA

Lisa, of Neat Freak McKinney, also recommends file-folding clothes to ensure clothing is easier to find. She recommends expandable drawer organizers to divide up drawer space, which makes it easier to keep shirts organized. But often times, Lisa uses what her clients already own instead of purchasing something new to divide the drawer space. For example, Lisa often uses bins and baskets as drawer inserts which create additional organization inside the drawer. This is also a great way to keep different types of garments separate from one another - ie gym shirts, pajama tops, T-shirts, etc.

"My favorite part of my closet is my 32-Compartment Drawer Organizer. I know it's easy to ball up all those undies and shove them into a drawer, but it's so much nicer to see what you're working with in the morning, and to choose the right pair for your outfit.

-Dani Austin, lifestyle blogger and fashionista

"Having the right drawer organizers makes such a huge difference! Now that I've started using Clear Expandable Drawer Dividers, there's no going back. You can use any boxes you have around the house, but the uniform look feels so much more finished and it helps me keep my drawers organized."

Christine Andrew, fashionista and lifestyle blogger behind Hello Fashion Blog

We hope these photos and tips from the pros have inspired you to get started organizing your dresser drawers! But if you still need more tips, head to our Projects and Inspiration section for step by step instructions on how to get started. Haven't quite found the perfect products for your drawers yet? You can view our full list of dresser drawer organizers here.