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Organize Your Makeup Like A Professional

What you need and how to get started

by Lauren

Ahhh...morning time. For some people, morning is the best part of the day; they love waking up to the smell of coffee, the "me time" of getting ready, and the promise of a new day. For others, morning time is total chaos. Woken by the sound of a blaring alarm clock--or perhaps by an early-rising child--mornings can be a constant scramble to get ready, drop the kids off, and get to work on time. Just one of those tasks is difficult enough, let alone all three. (We're looking at you, working parents!)

Whether or not you're a morning person, getting ready in the morning is much simpler if you know where to find everything. How many times have you spent 20 minutes searching for a certain eye shadow palette to do "10-minute eyes"? Or worse--how much time have you wasted trying to find a sharpener for an eye liner pencil you didn't know was broken? Ever wondered to yourself, "where's my favorite tube of lip gloss?" *Sigh...*

Trust us--we totally get it! When it comes to streamlining your morning makeup routine, it's important to ensure all your makeup is visible and easily accessible. This not only saves time in the morning--it will also help you save money because you'll always know exactly what you have.

Don't know how to get started? Check out these tips and suggestions from some of our favorite professional organizers and beauty bloggers.

For many years, Katrina Teeple (Operation Organization) would start applying her makeup at home and then finish the rest in parked car a few blocks away from her destination. It wasn't until recently that she created a system of organization for her makeup collection to ensure she'd be finished before she left the house. Her preferred solution is the InterDesign Clarity Stackable Makeup System. She admittedly still carries a small bag of cosmetics for emergency touch-ups, but now she can leave the majority of her makeup at home.

Julia, the fashion blogger behind Little Piece of Chic, also utilized InterDesign Clarity Stackable Makeup Organizers on her bathroom counter to take advantage of wasted vertical space. She loves that these products are both sturdy and allow the contents to be seen easily. "I am sooo happy with the result," she says. "I never thought I could love my makeup more, but displaying all of my lipstick is just something special. The drawers are easy to open and the compartments fit my makeup palettes perfectly!" The other organizers contain everything (hair ties, bobby pins, deodorant, etc.) in one place, allowing her to keep her countertop clutter-free.

(You can read more on her blog here.)

Speaking of clutter-free countertop space, Joni and Kitt from Practically Perfect LA recommend storing makeup inside a drawer with Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers. "Drawer organizers allow us to maximize the space inside the drawer and keep items contained," they said. The organizers not only streamline your morning routine by giving every item an easily-visible home, but also prevent the drawer from becoming a catch-all for other items that don't belong there.

(Want even more organizing tips from Practically Perfect LA? Check out their blog here.)

Jessica (AKA The Organized Mama) stores her makeup in the InterDesign Linus Small Divided Makeup Bin, which she keeps in her bathroom cabinet until it's makeup time. Doing so keeps her countertop clear while simultaneously keeping all of her makeup organized and easily accessible. She says, "My biggest tip for creating storage that can grow with your family is to create stations for each member of your family by grouping all their like items together in a bin or storage container."

(You can visit her website here.)

"My makeup previously resided in a bathroom drawer with ZERO organization. Things were scattered everywhere, and it took me forever to find things!" confesses lifestyle and beauty blogger Caroline Phillips. "Finally, it was The Container Store to the rescue! I used the InterDesign Clarity Stackable Makeup System to create the ultimate makeup counter!" To make her morning routine extra easy, each Clarity 3-Drawer Stacking Box is not only sorted by product, but organized according to the order in which the makeup is applied. "The Clarity 1-Drawer Stacking Cosmetic Organizer is perfect for sorting all my various palettes," she adds. "Since all of the pieces stack, I've saved so much space on the counter. Having this system of organization in place has saved me SO much time getting ready, and I actually enjoy sitting down to do my makeup in the morning!"

(You can read more on Caroline's Wonderfully Authentic blog.)

Fashionista and beauty blogger Dani Austin prefers using our Clear Stackable Plastic Storage Bins and InterDesign Linus Divided Lazy Susans for her cosmetics. "Whoever coined the term 'lazy susan' is basically my spirit animal," she jokes. "We're all a little lazy from time to time, but a spinning organizer makes it so simple to see everything you have, and grab it easily without knocking over things in your way." Once the bins and lazy susans are organized, she uses our Chalkboard Labels to complete the look. "Labeling your products allows you to know where everything goes, and also helps keep track of how much of one item you have so you know when it's time to restock," she explains.

(Dani has more bathroom tips on her blog here.)

We hope these tips and pictures provided some much-needed inspiration. Don't forget to head to the Projects and Inspiration section of our website for more great tips. And you can shop all of our makeup organizers to get find your favorite solution!