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Organize Your Kitchen Like A Professional

What you need and how to get started

by Brad

We're just going to come right out and say it--kitchen organization is good for your sanity. If you think that's too big of a claim for us to make, consider this:

  1. Your kitchen is where your food lives.
  2. When you're hungry, you go to the kitchen.
  3. If your kitchen is unorganized, it may take longer to satisfy your food craving(s).
  4. Prolonged hunger can make you angry. (Medical experts use the portmanteau hangry to describe this feeling.)
  5. Once you become hangry, you are a danger to society.
  6. Therefore, kitchen organization is good for your well-being.

So, now that we've established that kitchen organization may be a minor but necessary adjunct to achieving world peace, we've rounded up some great tips from a few of our favorite bloggers and professional organizers.

Upper and Lower Cabinets

Jenna (of Jenna Kate at Home) decided to tackle the "disaster" that was her kitchen cabinets. "Finding a cabinet organization system was on my to-do list for quite some time," she explains. "The first thing I did was empty out all the cabinets, paint them, and put in some shelf liners." She used our non-slip Solid Easy Liners for the bottom of each shelf, and then grouped like-items together (packaged foods, baking ingredients, spices, oils, etc.) using our Clear Plastic Storage Bins, InterDesign Linus Spice Racks, and ProKeeper Canisters.

Once the upper cabinets were finished, Jenna turned her attention to the bowls and baking sheets in her lower cabinets. "All my baking sheets and cupcake trays found a home in the Lynk Chrome Pull-Out Lid Holder," she says. "And to create more space for my casserole dishes, I added two Chrome Pull-Out Shelves, which doubled the amount of storage inside. These organizers are particularly amazing when you have deep cabinets because you can pull them out instead of sticking half your body inside to get what you need!"

(For more tips, you can check out Jenna's blog here.)


Blogger Jess Keys (AKA The Golden Girl) took on her messy kitchen drawers. "Organization is typically not my kind of word," she admits. "But much to my own astonishment...I am craving more organization in my life than ever before." After removing the drawers' contents, taking inventory, and measuring the dimensions of her available space, she consulted the space experts at her local Container Store and decided on our Custom Drawer Organizer Strips for her silverware and utensil drawers. "They're very easy to customize--you just measure, score, and snap to fit the length you need, and slide them into the self-adhesive mounts to fit any drawer," she raves.

For her spices, Jess opted for our Expand-a-Drawer Spice Organizer, noting that they are much easier to access in a drawer than in a high cabinet. "When everything has a place, it's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel more relaxed, and even more creative!" she adds.

(See more of Jess's kitchen transformation here.)


Professional organizer Jen Jones (I Heart Organizing) organized a deep pantry for one of her clients, and the results were nothing short of stunning. The client wanted to keep their existing shelving, so Jen maximized the space using an Elfa Door & Wall Rack and Drawer Unit. "I can't rave about the [Elfa Door & Wall Rack] enough," she says. "It is sturdy, versatile, easy to install, and the baskets come in a variety of sizes and can be mixed and matched to fit the space beautifully." She also highly recommends labeling any bins that are not clear or see-through--and sometimes even the clear ones, too--particularly when food allergies are a potential issue. And to utilize the awkward floor space next to the drawer unit, she cleverly employed a Multipurpose Bin to corral paper bags.

(Get the full details in Jen's blog post.)

Fridge and Freezer

For fridge and freezer tips, we turned to cook and food blogger Nur Ashour. For her, flexibility was very important, as she prepares many different types of meals and uses a variety of ingredients. "I recommend reorganizing your fridge right after you grocery shop," she notes. "That way you're organizing your fridge when it's at its fullest." She used an assortment of Linus Fridge Bins for fruit, OXO greensaver Produce Keepers for herbs and veggies, and ProKeeper Deli Containers for cold cuts and cheeses.

For the freezer, Nur opted for more Linus Bins, as well as a Freezer Storage Basket for larger items such as ice cream tubs. "The Freezer Bins don't ice up or scratch your freezer, so I'm pretty sure they would work perfectly in a drawer freezer, too!" she says.

(You can find our more on Nur's blog here.)

Need even more kitchen tips and tricks? Don't forget to check out our Projects & Inspiration page. And you can shop all of our kitchen organization products here.

Happy organizing!