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Garage Organization Made Easy

The latest storage solutions for everything from soccer balls to ball-peen hammers

by Brad

As the weather warms up, the days get longer, and everyone starts to venture outside, the garage begins to take on a much more important role in a family's life. Whether it's storing tools, golf clubs, bikes, balls, seasonal decorations, pool toys, or a thousand other things, it's one of those areas of the home that belongs to everyone, so it makes sense to have storage solutions designed for many different types of hobbies and activities.

While we were already quite proud of our selection of garage-related products (including Elfa, InterMetro, Gladiator, Tribac, and Titan), our buying team recently expanded it to include amazing new organization options for hardware, gardening tools, sports equipment, and more. Check out these new products below!

Sports Storage

Though families may differ on the sports they prefer (basketball, soccer, football, baseball, cricket, pok-ta-pok, what-have-you), the one common factor is the need to keep their sporting equipment organized. To accomplish this, we introduced two great new products--one wall-based and the other floor-based.

Made of sturdy steel, the Heavy-Duty Wall Storage Rack is wall-mounted and features a gridded rack and six movable accessory hooks capable of storing balls, helmets, skateboards, and even bandages (trust us on this).

Similar in design to our Heavy-Duty Sports Storage Rack, our new Heavy-Duty Golf Storage Rack is a rugged solution that will hold up to two full golf bags, as well as shoes, caps, and gloves. Father's Day is around the corner, so this would be a great way to get on Dad's good side...

We also recommend: Heavy-Duty Triple Bike Rack, Elfa Utility Sports Rack, Heavy-Duty Triple Storage Bin


After creating new pegboards for office spaces and our 3-Tier Carts, we also wanted to tackle the classic garage pegboard by putting our own spin on it. This resulted in two new products, each with their own special uses.

Our Black Steel Pegboards are available in both small and large sizes and can be hung either horizontally or vertically. Made completely of steel with a hammered black finish, they can be paired with a variety of hooks and are almost TOO handsome and stylish for the garage. Almost.

The other new option--the Wall-Mounted Swinging Steel Pegboard--is classic pegboard storage with a twist. (A good twist, that is.) Mounted to a wall bracket, the pegboards turn and move like pages in a book to allow you to maximize your DIY space. The set includes two pegboards, but you can also add more as needed. When mounted to a wall stud, each pegboard panel will hold up to 20 lbs!

We also recommend: Platinum Elfa Utility Workshop Organizer Pegboard, Grey Tool Rack

Parts Boxes

For those of us with a screw or two loose--and who among us doesn't?--our new selection of parts boxes will help keep everything in its proper place.

Left to right: Stacking Chest with Bins, Stacking Deep Chest with Tool Inserts, Stacking 2-Drawer Chest

Our rugged Stacking Chests from Tactix are available in three sizes. The smallest--the Stacking Chest with Bins--includes six removable bins with lids, as well as two large and four small removable dividers. The Stacking Deep Chest with Tool Inserts is the next size up and features two removable tool tray inserts for wrenches, screwdrivers, and more. The largest is the Stacking 2-Drawer Chest, and it has two ball-bearing drawers with removable dividers. All three are crafted from heavy-duty plastic, shut securely with steel clasps, and can even be padlocked!

Clockwise from top-left: 39-Drawer Storage Cabinet, Parts Box Storage Tower, 21-Bin Tip-Out Storage Cabinet, Stackable Tip-Out Bin Organizers

If you'd prefer to organize those nuts and bolts with a wall-mounted solution, you're in luck! Our new products include:

We also recommend: Small Parts Organizer with Removable Dividers, Small Parts Organizers (set of 3)


When your garage is already crowded, sometimes there's no where to go but up! To help utilize this often-neglected space, we've introduced several new ceiling racks.

The Adjustable Storage Ceiling Rack is made of steel and has a 200 lb. capacity. Each bar is adjustable from 22" to 33" wide and 17" to 26" high, making it the perfect solution for snowboards, skis, kayaks, canoes, and surfboards.

If you want something TOUGH, you've got it. Our Heavy-Duty Ceiling Rack--featured here with optional Hanging Bars--can support up to 600 lbs. of boxes, equipment, luggage, lumber, and more. Made of heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel, it also has an adjustable height of 22" to 40."

We also recommend: InterMetro Black 4-Shelf Starter Unit, Grey Tribac 5-Shelf Unit, Titan High Cabinet

Gardening Tool Racks

For those rakes, shovels, pitchforks, and other implements used for gardening and/or storming a castle, we have several new varieties of storage solution.

First is our Garage Track System. Each track is 24" long, but they can be mounted side-by-side continuously to create a wider solution that maximizes your available storage space.

Our selection of hooks includes (clockwise from top-left) the J Hook, Dual Utility Hook, Double S Hook, and Small Multi-Tool Hook.

Each modular track can support up to 243 lbs. when mounted into wall studs, and they can customized with our selection of hooks.

If you need to utilize your corner space efficiently, the Corner Double Tool Rack will be your new best friend. This free-standing tool tower is actually two separate organizers that can stand alone or work together to organize brooms, shovels, garden hoes, rakes. The contents stay upright, stable and out of your path, and drainage holes at the bottom prevent water build-up.

For more great garage storage solutions, shop our entire selection here. You can also check out our garage organization tips on our Projects & Inspiration page!