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Clearly Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas from the Pros

Professional organizers and home experts demonstrate how they use The Home Edit products in their own kitchens

by Brad

With the recent introduction of our new kitchen organization products from The Home Edit, our professional organizer and home expert partners couldn't wait to get their hands on them and try them out. Several of them recently employed these fantastic new products in their own fridges and pantries, and the results speak for themselves! (Well, not literally--that's why we have words accompanying the pictures.)

Check them out below!

Rachel and Company

Photo courtesy of Rachel and Company

Organizing expert Rachel Rosenthal used The Home Edit products to make over her fridge space from top to bottom. "Summer is officially here and having an organized fridge is more important than ever!" she says. "Whether it is to help reinforce healthy eating habits (hello swimsuit season!), give your kids more independence with snack time, or saving on your grocery budget, an organized fridge can--and will--make an impact on your day-to-day life."

Using The Home Edit's Stacking Pantry Bins, Narrow Fridge Bins, and Berry Bins, Rachel was able to create order out of chaos by organizing her fridge's contents. Her organization tip: create zones. "As with all organization, it is important to create categories in your fridge," she explains. "We used a mix of products to divide items in our fridge so we all know where everything lives."

Sweet Pembroke Home

Photo courtesy of Sweet Pembroke Home

Eileen, DIY blogger at Sweet Pembroke Home, loved implementing many of The Home Edit products in her refrigerator, including the Berry Bins and Egg Bin. One of the most important features of the Berry Bin is the removable tray that keeps food fresh and can even act as a colander. Plus, the larger ones are extra deep to make the most of space in counter-depth fridges, and the lids even allow them to be stacked easily.

"Over the years, I have learned through the trial-and-error of home organization that you always need to know what you have in stock, and that those items that need to be accessible at all times," Eileen says. "That is one of the reasons I love this line so much...this new collection was so thoroughly thought-out with smart features. It is truly impressive!"

Thoughtfully Organized

Photo courtesy of Thoughtfully Organized

For professional organizer Jessica DeSiato (Thoughtfully Organized), creating zones is also the "key when organizing." She used The Home Edit's Divided Freezer Bins to create zones for different kinds of frozen foods: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Made from exceptionally durable and clear Resipreme plastic, these bins have a removable divider and are easily stackable.

"Freezers and fridges can always be such a disaster, but they don't have to be," Jessica adds. "These products have made a world of difference!"

Neat Freak McKinney

Photo courtesy of Neat Freak McKinney

Lisa Trigsted, professional organizer at Neat Freak McKinney, admits to being (rightfully) choosy about the products she recommends to her followers and clients. "I am firm in my decision that I won't recommend anything to you until I try it out and love it first," she says. Some of the latest organization products Lisa has loved include The Home Edit Stacking Pantry Bins, Narrow Pantry Bins, and Pantry Canisters, which she uses to corral snacks in her pantry.

"I love how everything coordinates with each other," Lisa elaborates. "I already had the canisters, and these new bins fit perfectly along side them. They thought of everything--and it makes me so giddy and excited!"

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