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1-Runner Drawers:

  • Work well for small or flat items
  • Ideal for storing undergarments, T-shirts and accessories in the closet
  • Use in the bathroom for organizing toiletries and cosmetics
  • 3-1/4" High
1 Runner Drawers

2-Runner Drawers:

  • Our best-selling depth!
  • Offer amazing versatility - can be used anywhere in your home
  • The Elfa Medium 2-Runner Drawer accommodates 10 folded men's shirts
  • 7-1/4" High
2 Runner Drawers

3-Runner Drawers:

  • Accommodate larger items such as sweaters or handbags in the closet
  • Well-suited for bulky items such as linens and extra supplies in the laundry room or pantry
  • Ideal for use as a laundry or dry cleaning hamper
  • 11-1/4" High
3 Runner Drawers
White Top
Driftwood Top
Butcher Block Top

Elfa Frame Feet

Our Elfa Frame Feet will keep the bottom of your Elfa Drawer Frame from scratching or marring your floors.

elfa Feet

Elfa Casters

Add our Elfa Casters to any Elfa Drawer Frame for increased mobility and flexibility

elfa Casters

Elfa Drawer Label Holders

Use our Elfa Drawer Label Holders with both mesh and wire Elfa drawers to quickly identify the contents.

elfa Labels

In & Out Stops

In & Out Stops prevent Drawers from coming completely out of the Frame.

In and out Stops