Recently, we introduced our readers to professional organizers Joni and Kitt (of Practically Perfect) and Jessica (of Organized Mama). With a shared goal of teaching people how to think outside the box--er, container--they joined forces to show how a single jar can be used in a variety of ways throughout different areas of the home.

In that first round of videos, they focused on the Anchor Hocking Glass Jars, which can be found in the Kitchen section of both our website and store locations. The ladies showed us how these products could be cleverly used in the laundry room, bathroom, and--of course--the kitchen. If you haven't seen that video, check it out here.

This time, they're exploring the multitude of uses of the Bliss Acrylic Canisters! First, let's see what Joni and Kitt have to say...

Practically Perfect

Next, let's see how Jessica uses the same products for art supplies...

Organized Mama

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