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Post-Holiday Dinnerware Storage

Our Brand Ambassadors show off their favorite storage options

by Brad

Once you've gobbled up that very last morsel of turkey and dressing and toasted to a brand new year, the housework begins again. (We're speaking, of course, of the long task of putting away your holiday decorations and dinnerware.) While you could just put grandma's antique bone china back in a beaten-up cardboard box, proper dinnerware storage is the best way to insure it stays nice--rather than ending up tarnished or heaven forbid, broken--for the next holiday season.

For a little post-holiday dinnerware storage inspiration, check out some of our Brand Ambassadors' suggestions below...

Straighten Up by Janelle

Photo courtesy of Straighten Up by Janelle

After putting away her holiday decorations, organizer and interior decorator Janelle Cohen (Straighten Up by Janelle) turned her attention toward her dinnerware. To keep it all protected and dust-free, she opted for our 4-Piece Brown Twill Plate & China Storage Set, Stemware/Wine Glass Case, and Cup/Mug Case. With their integrated label holders, zippered closures, and durable construction, every cup and plate now has its own designated container and can be stored away safely until her next holiday celebration.

Neat Freak McKinney

Photo courtesy of Neat Freak McKinney

Professional organizer Lisa Trigsted (Neat Freak McKinney) began her dinnerware organization process by taking inventory of all of her plates, cups, and glasses. Once everything was accounted for, she also chose our Brown Twill Plate & China Storage Sets and added our Felt Plate Dividers between each piece of china for added protection. Once everything was packed up, she labeled everything and it was ready to go! (Her tip for extra neat labels: "I used a pencil to create a marker so I knew how much room I had to write on each label.")

Photos courtesy of Neat Freak McKinney

Rachel Rosenthal

Photo courtesy of Rachel Rosenthal

Organizing expert Rachel Rosenthal speaks very highly of our Brown Twill Stemware/Wine Glass Storage Case. "A sturdy container is a must when storing china and glassware," she says. "I love these wine glass storage cases--the structured containers are perfect for protecting your items and are even durable enough to stack." She also recommends storing your dinnerware in a low-traffic area of your home: "I suggest choosing a spot in your home that is easily accessible so you can actually use your china and stemware, but also in a spot that will keep them safe. For example, don't store your storage cases on a high shelf, or in an area where it can be easily bumped."

Our Southern Home

Photo courtesy of Our Southern Home

In addition to the Brown Twill Storage Cases and Felt Plate Dividers for her china, home decor/DIY blogger Christy Little (Our Southern Home) also tackled silverware organization, ultimately deciding on our Hagerty Silver Flatware Storage Tray. "This silver flatware storage case is fabulous," she says. "The silversmiths' cloth will keep your silver pieces from tarnishing." With enough storage space for a complete serving set for 12, it's a great way to keep your silver looking bright and gleaming for generations to come!

Photo courtesy of Our Southern Home

Of course, we have many more dinnerware storage options, so feel free to check them out here. You can also peruse our Projects & Inspiration section for more organization tips for all over your home.

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