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Organizing Your Jewelry With Stackers

Professional organizers and bloggers showcase their tidy jewelry spaces

by Brad

Due to its modular, easily-customizable functionality and elegant construction, our Stackers system is quickly becoming a favorite of organizers all over the world. Designed in Great Britain, these jewelry boxes are constructed from vegan leather-covered MDF and feature different divided plush velvet-lined interiors suited for rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, broaches, watches, and more. As their name implies, you simply stack the boxes you need. They're available in several beautiful colors--including blush, taupe, vanilla, and mink--and work equally well on a countertop or in a drawer. We also offer them in a variety of sizes (even travel size!) to insure that they work in just about any space.

Several of our lifestyle blogger and professional organizer pals recently turned to Stackers to store their own jewelry collections and they were absolutely delighted with the results! Check out what they have to say about them below...

Glamorous Versatility

After decluttering and organizing her jewelry, Taryn Newton (Glamorous Versatility) feels a sense of relief: "When my jewelry was not organized, I found myself struggling to find the back to an earring or a piece that would go perfectly with an outfit. I am no longer running around asking [my husband] where my earrings are!" She also loves the customizable aspect of Stackers. "What I love most is that you can mix and match the pieces to fit your needs," she adds. "It was basically life-changing!"

Blue i Style

For Angela Rathbun of Blue i Style, it's important to sort her jewelry by color. "I have this thing with the color blue," she explains. "Organizing my jewelry by color makes it easier to find exactly what I'm looking for." In her case, the modular Stackers system allows her to designate certain trays for certain colors. "Most colors don't get two trays all their own, but in my house, blue always gets special treatment!" she says.

The Organized Mama

Organized Mama Jessica Litman also loves Stackers and offers a few tips for getting the most out of them. "The key to organizing your modern jewelry box is to group like items together," she advises. Like Angela Rathbun, she notes that grouping by color is one such way to sort them. "Once everything is sorted, grouped, and categorized, it is time to set up easy systems for storing your jewelry," she explains. "[Have] a routine or flow to how things are to be selected and put away - and make it easy to maintain."

Little Piece of Chic

If you've ever encountered the frustration of trying to untangle a twisted knot of thin gold chains, you'll appreciate Julia Buschow's perspective on jewelry storage. "My life may be a mess sometimes," explains the lifestyle blogger, "but at least my jewelry isn't!" And for Julia, there's also a bonus--she loves not only the customizable aspect of the Stackers, but also the look. "I have the blush option and I'm in love!" she gushes.

Practically Perfect LA

Joni and Kitt of Practically Perfect LA are "huge fans" of Stackers and have three overall guidelines for organizing jewelry. First, they stress the importance of paring your jewelry collection down to the essentials: "We suggest that you curate your collection of accessories to include only the pieces you really love and wear." Once that step is done, they suggest a jewelry system that "allows for optimal visibility and accessibility," and consider Stackers a prime example of this philosophy. Above all, Joni and Kitt say, "Insure that it feels (practically) perfect for your daily routine!"

Not sure which Stacker option is right for you? Be sure to browse all of our different Stacker options here. And for even more jewelry storage options, feel free to peruse our entire Jewelry Storage section.