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Organization Experts Love Luxe!

Whether used on a vanity or in a deep drawer, Luxe Organizers keep your makeup contained beautifully

by Brad

Ever since the ancient Egyptians made eye liner all the rage thousands of years ago (hats off to you, Nefertiti), cosmetics have been a fixture of countless cultures around the world. Throughout our history, humans have made spectacular advances not only in makeup--thank goodness we said goodbye to those lead-based foundations of the 16th century!--but makeup storage as well. Whereas past makeup storage often meant cramming your palettes into a messy drawer or bag, we now have oodles of beautiful and functional makeup organization options that look great on any vanity or countertop.

Among home organization experts, our stylish Luxe Acrylic Modular Makeup System is a beloved way to keep those stray blushes and lipsticks in line. Here's how a few of our friends have used Luxe products in their own spaces...

Grid and Glam

(Photo courtesy of Grid + Glam)

"Finding fun, creative ways to organize my makeup is how I blend my love of organizing with my love of makeup," says Corinne Morihan of Grid + Glam. On her blog she lays out her five makeup organization steps, and one of the most important is categorization. She says: "Keeping all the same category items together not only makes getting ready so much quicker, but also ensures that you no longer buy what you already have. Win-win!" She even went the extra step of adding labels--such as "lips," "face," "nails," etc.--to ensure that everything is put away properly and always easy to find!

Practically Perfect

(Photo courtesy of Practically Perfect)

Joni and Kitt from Practically Perfect also love our Luxe Acrylic Makeup Organizers, and they demonstrate how they put them to use in the video below. Check it out!

Kaleidoscope Living

(Photo courtesy of Kaleidoscope Living)

As for DIY blogger Tasha (Kaleidoscope Living), it wasn't her makeup that was giving her grief, but her toiletries. Although she does enjoy the bathroom's spacious interior, its storage space left much to be desired. "Like a lot of outdated bathrooms, the storage is not functional," she says. "The lack of functional storage means that we have taken to keeping the items we need to use daily on the countertop." In order to get her messy countertop in order, Tasha took an inventory of their toiletries and utilized the Luxe Acrylic Organizers to store and organize the most-used items. "I know this bathroom organization system is really intended for makeup, but we actually use it for so much more!" she raves. (You can see more on her blog here.)


(Photo courtesy of Cakies)

"Somehow, my vanity/makeup area is always in disarray," says Rubyellen Bratcher of Cakies. "It's one of the areas that I can't maintain organization, and it drives [my husband] Ben crazy!" While she admits she doesn't have a ton of makeup, she discovered that our Luxe Organizers were equally adept at storing her skincare products and essential oils, and she can already notice its benefits. "I'm happy to report that after almost 3 weeks in use, I've kept my whole space clean!" she adds. "More marital bliss going on with this organizer in our home!" (Check out more photos on Rubyellen's blog here.)

Organized by Ellis

(Photo courtesy of Organized by Ellis)

Laura Ellis (Organized by Ellis) demonstrates several different ways to use our Luxe products in a recent blog post, and one of the most unique is to use them inside drawers. "[My client] Brooke has these deep drawers," Laura explains, "so we had a lot of vertical space to use." Plus, she adds, it's a solution that will also work for Brooke in the future: "She [will be] moving into a new studio and her space is slightly different, but these organizers work great in both spaces."

Do you love using our Luxe Acrylic Makeup Organizers as much as they do? If so, we'd love to see pictures! Feel free to share in the comments below or upload them to our My Organized Life page.

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