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How To Organize Your Laundry Room

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by Jessica Litman

Laundry rooms come in all different shapes and sizes, and each come with their own unique features and organizational challenges. Some homes come with large laundry rooms equipped with ample storage space for cleaning supplies, others have built-ins or limited space which make it hard to keep even essential laundry room items organized.

Throughout my years of moving to new apartments, townhomes and houses, I've learned effective ways to organize ALL different kinds laundry rooms! Check out my best tips for laundry room organization below.

Group. Zone. Contain.

To effectively organize your laundry room, you need to group all like items together. For example, cleaning supplies stay together, as well as stain removers. For the larger items like detergents and fabric softeners, you can combine them and store together.

When you group like items, it becomes easier to take stock of what you have and when you need more of an item.

Create zones for these grouped items. Detergent and fabric softener can go nearest to the washer. Stain removers and general cleaning supplies can be stored a little further away as you won't need to use those EVERY time you wash.

It's best to keep the like items in their "zones" so you know where to access each time.

Create Zones

Once you have all like items grouped together, it's time to create zones for those like items. The three zones are:

  • Laundry Essentials
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Overflow Storage (If your space will allow it)

I love storing laundry room essentials in water hyacinth storage bins. The material is not only renewable, but it's also beautiful and adds a touch of style to your space.

If your space isn't large enough for a basket, consider using a Lazy Susan to store detergents, fabric softeners, and other laundry items. This will help you find and reach items in the back of deep cabinets or shelves with ease.


Another way to utilize wasted space in your laundry room is by creating hanging space. Doors are perfect for storing ironing boards. If you have a stacking washer and dryer, consider adding a wall-mounted clothes drying rack on an adjacent wall to hang-dry clothes. Use any extra space in corners to hang smaller and more delicate items by using a hanging lingerie drying rack.


Finally, once everything is grouped, zoned, and contained, you need to add labels. This is the key to creating an organize laundry room! I recommend the White Bin Clip Labels because they are large, fit on most bins, and they look great.

Label the baskets based on the zone of items stored inside the basket. Keep the labels simple so you won't be limited in what can go in the bins.

I hope you've found these tips helpful in creating an organized laundry room! For more tips, head to my blog or follow me on Instagram.