You're a trendsetter, always on top of what's hot in fashion. Stay up to date with the best ways to store and organize what's hot now with our new monthly online feature. You'll stay fabulously – and fashionably – organized!


Whether you rocked them on the playground as a kid or are enjoying them for the first time – Jellies are hot! These practical yet fashionable shoes are easy to keep organized so that you can quickly complete your outfit in the mornings.


This hippe-inspired trend is back! For storing vintage pieces or the newest tie-dyed accessories, store and organize the trend so it's visible and accessible – it's sure to bring a smile to your face every time you walk in your closet.

Jean Shorts

Casual, dressy, torn, vintage...take your pick! Jean shorts are all the rage this month. Organize them by style, color or occasion so you don't waste any summer-time.