You can quickly and easily revise the depth of any corrugated box.

  1. Choose a box that has the proper width and length to accommodate the item(s) being packed. Lay the box flat. Using a straight edge, draw a line parallel to the current scored line at the top of the new desired depth (see Figure 1). Using a blunt object like the head of a key or a coin, trace over the new line with enough pressure to crease the box without tearing it. Flip the box over and repeat the procedure.
  2. Open the box and tape the bottom closed. With a carton cutter or utility knife, cut the box in each of the four corners. Start at the new score you made and continue up to the existing slot in the box (Figure 2).
  3. Fold each of the four flaps outward at the new score to "break" the flaps along the new depth. Your box is now ready to pack. To close the box, simply fold the flaps inward on the new score you made. The flaps will fold over each other on the top of the box when closed.