*No Cooking Required
One of the easiest, prettiest gift recipes we've found. Lemon peel gives the vodka a pale yellow color and just a hint of citrus flavor.

Quantity: 1 quart

Storing: Store in a cool, dry place.

1 quart vodka
1 lemon

Peel lemon in a long spiral, about 1/4" wide, using a sharp knife. Avoid the white pith underneath the peel; it will make the vodka bitter. Decant vodka into decorative bottle. Insert lemon spiral, cork or cap tightly and steep at least 1 week to let the flavor develop.

Hot Chili Pepper Variation
For Hot Chili Pepper Vodka, crush 2 small dried hot chili peppers and add to vodka along with 4 whole dried peppers. Cover and store in a cool place for 1 week. Strain the vodka through a fine sieve and pour into a decorative bottle. Cork or cap tightly.