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Drawer Organization Takes Center Stage in Women's Health Magazine

Your Moment of Zen - Found Inside of a Drawer

by Carly

Women's Health gave us quite the shoutout last month in their June issue...


Their four page spread on drawer organization featured tons of our solutions to help clear the clutter from the dreaded kitchen, bathroom and office drawers. And, we couldn't be happier with what they did! Check them out below, and remember that no matter how messy, stuffed or shaky your drawers are, you too can take a few of these tips and clear the clutter once and for all.


Bamboo Beautifies Any Kitchen Drawer

Anything made of sustainable materials is always in style. That's why our Stackable Bamboo Organizers are ever the chic option here. They're more durable than wood, so they can resistant the shuffling that inevitably goes on with each open and close of the drawer. And, no matter what gets spilled or leaked, they're a breeze to clean. Just wipe down with soap and water. With seven sizes to choose from, you're sure to find just the right configuration for your kitchen drawer.


Keepin It Clean

Our Clear & Aqua Drawer Organizer Trays stand up to tougher kitchen cleaners, and their brightly colored bases look cleaner, longer. Rounded edges create a casual vibe that works as perfectly within a drawer as it does on top of a countertop. Four sizes accommodate narrow and wide drawers to maximize every inch of space.


An Order Office

Our Copper Wire Drawer Organizers in alternating sizes give tons more flexibility than an all-in-one desktop organizer that can't be reconfigured. Plus, copper adds a touch of style to any drawer with their trending color and five sizes give you options that work to organize any drawer or countertop.

Inspired to tackle your own drawer organization? Start by taking absolutely everything out of whatever drawer you're cleaning, then take stock of what you want to keep or toss and plan your drawer organizers from there. Didn't see any that suited your style? Shop all of our drawer organizers, here.