Welcome to Container Stories. It's our new lifestyle and organization blog. It's our home for real solutions from the really organized.

I'm Casey. I'm an 18-year veteran of The Container Store. As you might imagine, one of the most frequent statements we get as employees is - "Oh you work for The Container Store! You must be so organized." I typically smile and say "I like to say organization is a journey and everyone has their own path toward no-clutter nirvana."

Truth be told, while I'm a loyal, full-time employee of the world's most beloved store devoted to storage and organization, I also have a blended family with four fabulous active kiddos, a wonderful busy husband and an extended family in more ways than one. And I'm also surrounded by fantastic friends and colleagues who share a similar pursuit and a passion to do it all - like so many of you! All of that brings with it some interesting solutions to our time-starved situation. Things that we just have to laugh, (and sometimes cry) about, and questions we really need help with from other gals (and guys) trying to do the juggle. My point is - I'm always looking for more ways to get it all together and find organization inspiration from so many people, places and things.

As we kick off Container Stories, I'll be helping to share some of the advice and product solutions that we're fans of at The Container Store and that assist me, our customers and our employees. We'll be sharing inspiring spaces from folks who are living the organized life and loving it. And you'll also find organization tips, tricks, new products and behind the scenes looks at everything we love at The Container Store. We hope you'll be inspired and entertained, motivated and moved.

Afterall, we think life's more fun when you're organized.

And behind every organized life there's a story - Container Stories. Enjoy! - Casey