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Something Strange - Our New TV Commercial

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by Leanne

Something out of the ordinary, perhaps even "strange" happened
this summer - we created a TV commercial! We had a lot of fun coming up with
the idea of "The Container Store Effect" and producing the spot. If you haven't
seen it, you can check it out below.

Featured Product: Three by Three Deep & Shallow Metal Drawer Organizers

Wondering exactly which of our favorite products we used to organize our family's home? Here's the breakdown. You too can have a junk drawer that isn't junky when you organize supplies in colorful Three by Three Deep and Shallow Metal Drawer

Featured Products: White elfa décor // Superior White Wooden Hangers // Ivory Hughes Crochet Storage Bins // Natural Pandan Shirt Box

In the master closet, we installed a custom elfa décor closet
built for two with Gliding Shoe Racks, Expandable Valet Rods, Décor Shelves and
Drawers with Décor Fronts to take the stress out of getting dressed.   

Featured Products: Tosca Baskets // Click Clack Cubes with White Lids // Artisan Glass Canisters with Oak Lids // Twist & Pour Glass Canisters // ProKeeper 2.36 qt. Pasta Container // Water Hyacinth Storage Bins with Handles // Black Bin Clip Labels // White Fine Tip Chalk Markers // OXO Good Grips 10-Piece POP Canister Set // OXO Good Grips POP Cereal Dispensers

In the pantry, we used a variety of bins, canisters, containers
and labels to create a place where any member of the family (even the kids and dad) can find exactly
what they are looking for. Can you spot them all? HINT: We used more than eight different products on these shelves!

Featured Products: Brushed Stainless Steel Canisters // Glass Oil & Vinegar Cruet // Square Hermetic Bottle // 3 oz. Glass Spice Bottle // 3-Tier Bamboo Expanding Shelf

Quickly finding the right spice jar is no problem thanks to
our 3-Tier Bamboo Expanding Shelf and labeled Spice Bottles. Oils and vinegars
go from cabinet to table in Glass Oil & Vinegar Cruets.

Featured Product: simplehuman Stainless Steel 10 gal. Rectangular Step Trash Can

The key to getting your teen to take out the trash is to
make it easy. Our simplehuman Stainless Steel 10 gal. Rectangular Step Trash Can does just that with a wide opening and easy-open lid.

Featured Product: Yamazaki Oval Remote Control Caddy

And even the dog, Piper, can find the remote thanks to the
Yamazaki Oval Remote Control Caddy. We admit, this was one of our
favorite shots of the day. Just look at that face!

Featured Product: Platinum elfa

Finally, custom elfa utility Boards, Shelving and Drawers in
the garage make it a snap to quickly find anything from the smallest screw to a
pair of Vice Grip pliers. And that's how we created "The Container Store Effect"
room by room. Have you experienced the phenomenon yourself? We'd love to hear
about it.