While "fine lines" are typically something we work to avoid, there's a new trend that just might change your mind about their meaning in your life…and personally, we can't get enough of it.

From the runway, to furniture design, to immaculately designed, highly functional storage solutions in the home - airy and graphic linear lines are popping up everywhere. It's definitely a less is more moment.

I know. I know. Less is more.

How many times have you heard that phrase? It can apply to clothing and accessories (take off one thing before you leave the house), makeup (blush is best, when there's less) and it often applies to home décor (maybe it's time to get rid of the bean bag chair). But this phrase really, really really comes into play this season.

It is all about simplicity, transparency and minimalism. We love the no-fuss, delicate, yet strong, statement these storage pieces add to a space. And there's never a worry of what's stored inside - it's displayed for all to see! (So you have to be ok with that!)

Often made from wire or metal, these pieces look great when storing things in opposing materials. Soft linens, colorful fruit or handmade stationery look beautiful against the industrial composition of the storage products. They make a statement, while also being useful. How perfectly The Container Store.

Check out a few of our top picks that embody this linear lines moment ever so beautifully.

Featured Products: Square Pendant Scarf Organizer // Triangle Pendant Scarf Organizer // Hoopla Display Stands //Harvest Basket // Marche Wastebasket // Folding Wire Basket // Iron Toy Barrel // Tosca Basket with Wooden Handles // Scala Stacking Baskets