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Our Vintage Nest Transforms Her Guest Room Closet with our #turnyourclosetaround Makeovers!

See all the closet essentials she used to make her space perfectly organized

by Carly

Round three of our #turnyourclosetaround transformation is here with Alicia from the DIY vintage restoration blog, Our Vintage Nest. Alicia is an absolute pro at tackling restoration and repurposing projects whether it's for the living room, the bedroom or craft room - but one area she just couldn't tackle was her guest closet. Check out her complete transformation, below, and shop the products she used to transform her space from a clothing and craft dumping ground to a place with purpose.

Before, Alicia had no system of order for her closet that had become a catch-all for her various crafts and clothes around the house.

Now, the space is coordinated and organized by type of clothing or type of craft. The closet has a more open and airy feel and it's easy for Alicia to find whatever she needs.

Our Umbra 7-Hook Wave Rack stores all of Alicia's hats up off the floor and away from being stacked on shelves and potentially crushed.

She used our Clear Sweater Drawers, Shoe Drawers and Shirt & Accessory Drawers to create a customized grid of storage for everything from her out of season linens to table runners to pillow covers.

White Bigso Oskar Boxes add a subtle and stylish touch to the space and hold most of Alicia and her husband's winter clothing.

Cotton Hanging Storage Bags keep the family's hanging clothing in pristine shape and away from dust, pests, moths and more. The size is perfect to store most formal wear and winter wear.

Small and Large Beach House Bins hold all of Alicia's off-season pillows but are perfect for a variety of items in and out of the closet. They're made from natural sea grass, combined with plastic raffia that is twisted and woven and stitched by hand in Indonesia. The combination of both natural and white colors creates an elegant look that she won't mind guests seeing.

The elfa utility Door & Wall Rack Alicia used created an instant wrap station! Now, the space works for a dual purpose, as a perfect place to store all ribbons, bows, gift wrap and tissue paper and everything is a breeze for Alicia to access when she needs to quickly wrap a gift.

Huggable Hangers work to conserve the leftover space that Alicia has in her guest closet. They allow her to store even more of her out-of-season clothing and prevent any of the more delicate materials from sliding off the hanger.

What's your favorite product Alicia used to transform her space? Let us know in the comments below and shop everything she used at 15% off for a limited time while our Closet Essentials Sale is going on!