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Is your file cabinet a mess? Are you unable to quickly locate documents when they’re needed? Create an organized system for storing important documents and you’ll never again waste time searching for items. Follow these simple steps to create your organized filing system.

  • Purge old, obsolete files. Shred items with personal information.
  • Identify what papers need to be placed in active files and what goes in the permanent files.
  • Active files hold resource materials which are regularly referred to for information.
  • Permanent files are rarely referred to but contain records we are required to retain, such as tax and legal records.
  • Select a filing solution based on your needs and space. Active files can be stored separately from permanent files and should be more easily accessible.
  • Choose colorful file folders to organize by topic.
  • Use hanging files for topic and divide subtopics with interior files.
  • Alphabetize main categories to save time.
  • Clearly label each file.
  • File immediately — the key to keeping your filing system up-to-date is to file things right away.
  • Always have plenty of folders and labels on hand.
  • Set a recurring time to review your files and keep them up to date.

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