Single Stainless Steel Turntable

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Single Stainless Steel Turntable

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Worth the extra money to save the hassle!
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I bought this today to replace the single white turntable I bought yesterday. (http://www.containerstore.com/shop?productId=10027812&N=&Ntt=lazy+susan) I hate to say it, but this is SO worth the extra money. I wish I'd bought it first and saved myself the time, gas, and hassle of going to the store twice in 24 hours. I bought this...

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very useful doesn't take up much space but makes everything accessible. May 4, 2014
Great cabinet organizer I am not blessed with a lot of cabinet space. I purchased 2 of these for tall condiment bottles and also for baking items. They make it so much easier to access the products and not have to pull items out or move things. They turn very easily and with the 10 1/2 in. diameter, fit great on my 11 in. deep shelves. April 28, 2014
Good organization for pantry Bought two of these turntables. Unfortunately, one of them does not turn well (does not spin well) like the other one. April 13, 2014
Stainless steel turntable I use this SS turntable for the top shelf in my refrigerator for milk and whatever else I want to see and rotate regularly to reach in and get without taking out other items. I love turntables in my pantry and cupboards. March 31, 2014
What a Space-Saver! Couldn't be happier with this purchase. I have deep, short kitchen cabinets and it was always a pain searching for what I needed. This turntable looks high end quality. I filled it with my spices and it easily spins around! March 25, 2014
Fun I put this swivel under my glass jar that I have my bigger utensils in, and it works great! Whenever I am searching for a spatula, I just twirl my jar around and find one! March 3, 2014
LOVE this turntable! It's a great size, even in a small spice cabinet. What I especially liked about it (and was the most important thing) was its ease in rotating. Smooth and easy. Not sure if there is a "double-decker" style or not, but I AM planning on getting at least two more of these (not sure where I'll put them, but do not think it will be a problem as it would work in any room of the house!) September 24, 2013
Works great! I bought three of this, The size fits perfectly and works great!the stainless steel looks fancy! Recommend! July 31, 2013
Fabulously smooth These stainless steel turntables are fabulous! They are so lightweight that at first you don't realize how sturdy they are. But when you see them work, they are incredible. They are pricey but worth it. I am slowly replacing all my other cheap turntables with these amazing ones. July 17, 2013
Convenient to use, and easy to find everything! I used this to put big bottles in the kitchen. I out everything facing to the front when the item comes right in front to me so that I can see everything. Loving this item and I bought a smaller size one to put all my spices. Thanks for the wonderful product! April 21, 2013
Super Convenient Very nice purchase. It made it really easy to store my cleaning supplies under my sink. I could find something without having to dig around and pulling everything out before finding the right cleaner. April 15, 2013
Worth the money! This is truly a workhorse of organizing products. I have them in my kitchen for spices and medicine, my bathroom for toiletries.and my laundry shelf for specialty laundry aids. I love the fact that it makes use of the entire shelf!! April 3, 2013
AMAZING...Life Changing Seriously...this has changed my life and my kitchen. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. All my spices spin beautifully around in the cabinet and I do a little dance every time I use it. So many friends have opened my cabinets and said, "Wow, this is great!" I tend to agree. Brillant. Why I didn't buy it sooner is beyond me.... February 19, 2013
Stainless Steel! Perfect size for spices, etc. in the pantry. Turns smootly & I love the stainless steel look as opposed to plastic. January 21, 2013
Perfect! This turntable is exactly what I was looking for... I use a few of them in cabinets to store spices, oils, etc. that I need to be easily accessible when cooking. September 24, 2012
saves space I used it in my linen closet for all the heavy bottles March 26, 2012
Tired of reaching for the item in the BACK? I was tired of pulling everything out of the cabinet to reach the item in the very back of it. I bought this turntable for my vitamin/misc. cabinet and 4 larger ones for each of the shelves in the corner cabinets (stuff was ALWAYS hidden in places in the corner cabinet!). It was a bit pricey to outfit all of them at the same time, but once you buy them, you'll have them forever. Very good quality, ball bearings have it spinning smoothly, even when it's fully loaded with items. March 19, 2012
Worth the extra money to save the hassle! I bought this today to replace the single white turntable I bought yesterday. (http://www.containerstore.com/shop?productId=10027812&N=&Ntt=lazy+susan) I hate to say it, but this is SO worth the extra money. I wish I'd bought it first and saved myself the time, gas, and hassle of going to the store twice in 24 hours. I bought this to store oils and vinegars in my kitchen cabinet...lots of bottles, lots of glass, lots of weight, lots of liquids. Despite how heavy all of this is on the turntable, it still spins perfectly and without dragging along in its bearings. Plus, that extra half-inch of space really does make a difference. I was able to get everything on! It's also really nice looking, and I'm almost sorry to have it hidden away in a cabinet. I would certainly have no trouble keeping this out on the counter or a table, if that was required. I love a bargain, but if you're storing things that are heavy, those cheap plastic trays are not a good buy. Save yourself the aggravation, and just buy one of these instead. December 19, 2011
Great Product I had my husband purchase this for me while he was on a trip, and I love this item. The size is perfect...I'm able to put my napkin holder, large salt and pepper shakers, and large tooth pick holder on it. It turns smoothly and looks great on my table. I'll be getting another one to use as a spice holder. June 25, 2011
My go to organizer for spices I am a spice/herb junky and need to conserve space, but still have quick access when I need an ingredient. My spice/herb jars and tins are many different sizes and shapes, making spice racks unsuitable. I love these turntables. They are sturdy, aren't affected by how much weight I put on them, and they always turn smoothly. They are also easy to clean and never need replacement. I can easily store 22 jars and tins on a single 10 inch turntable. Since I have 3 turntables I group my spices alphabetically. I'm enclosing a photo when I only had 2 turntables. I recently noticed that I was wasting space on my shelf that has items like honey and gourmet salts so I'm in the process of adding the 3rd turntable. I know I will be able to free up another shelf when I am done. Love these turntables March 14, 2011
a little expensive I thought at first it was a little expensive but ended up purchasing 2 of them to get a small area in my cabinet organized. It is perfect and given more space, I would buy another one. The mechanism is great and overall high quality. Very happy with my purchase. January 4, 2011
Nice Touch This turntable lazy susan works fabulously in my cabinet and looks pretty too. I love it! August 28, 2010
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