White Mesh Stacking Shelves

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White Mesh Stacking Shelves

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Not what it's meant for, but....
5 out of 5

I bought several of these for organizing my shoes in my closet, but had 2 that I did not end up using. Instead, I used it on my dresser as an earring holder / organizer. Stood up on it's side (with the legs behind acting as stands) it fit EVERYTHING that i had stored in 6 or 7 several small organizer boxes previously. The mesh holes...

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decent purchase
3 out of 5

I really like the height because soup cans can fit above and under the shelf, but the shelf is not strong enough for a large amount of canned goods. The center is bowing and I believe the bamboo option may have been more suited for my needs

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White Mesh Stacking Shelves 4.5 5 68 68
Practical, and holds up well to moisture I am very impressed by how well these shelves have held up in a very humid bathroom. The top one which is exposed to moisture the most looked a little rusty at spots after about two or three years so I was going to replace it, but I hit it with some Bar Keeper's Friend and a sponge and it looks brand new. They aren't gorgeous, but they're so useful, and they look nice enough with a couple baskets and a stack of towels. July 22, 2014
This is a pretty good stacking shelf. The only thing I don't like is that the surface is not perfectly flat but slightly dips down towards the center. You can see this in other peoples pictures that they've posted here. So if you put items on the far left or right, then you notice them start to slide or are at an angle as they sit. The "Half-Medium Flat Wire Stacking Shelf Silver" is identical to this in dimension just that the surface of the shelf is completely flat and withstands significantly heavier weight. June 28, 2014
Great Start for my Seedlings! I always wanted a potting shelf on which to start annuals from seeds. But I wanted it to be portable, so that when I was through with it, I could easily fold it away until next year. One of your creative salespersons came up with the idea of using the white mesh stacking shelves. PERFECT!!! Seedling starter flats as well as flats for 3" or 4" plants fit PERFECTLY on the large shelves. I stacked up three. They are so lightweight I can move them for more sun or less sun. When my baby plants are ready to put in the ground, it is easy to stack the shelves and put them in the garage for next year. I tried to make the May 4th deadline for the $750.00, but it took past midnight to load my photos!THANK YOU! May 5, 2014
Use Them Everywhere! I first bought a pair of these shelves to use in a closet to hold baskets for storage. Since then I've moved several times and always seem to find a use for the shelves. They've been utilized under bathroom and kitchen sinks, in a pantry, and again in a closet. The best part about the shelves is they add a "mid-level" to a space with excess vertical height- such as a tall pantry shelf where the vertical space isn't utilized. They're also easy to clean if/when something spills on them. April 27, 2014
Very handy I used these shelves in my closet in a little nook under my built-in shelves to hold clothes instead of in my kitchen, and they are very handy. Very sturdy, and it helps make use of otherwise wasted space. Would definitely purchase again! Useful anywhere you have extra room and need more storage capacity! April 12, 2014
Great space saver! I am using the shelves in my fridge. I now can see items clearer and have more space! April 8, 2014
Just what I needed There is an awkward cabinet in my kitchen that houses the pots and pans. It's been a mess forever and I finally got fed up. This shelf was just the size I needed and works well in giving me some more vertical, organized space than I had before. April 7, 2014
Decent, A little Bow Legged Bought this to help provide more stacking options in a hall closet. It works fairly well but doesn't seem super sturdy. It has some cookware on top of it right now and I'm not going to lie, it definitely looks a little bow legged which makes me nervous. Overall though, it does the trick. I liked that the legs had flat bottoms so that I could stack this on top of a wire shelving unit. Wish I could find these in even longer and wider options but they would definitely need reinforcement in the middle if they were made much longer than they are right now. April 2, 2014
Great for Freezer organization I purchased these shelves to organize frozen food meals in my refrigerator. Now I can easily see and retrieve frozen foods and keep them organized. March 11, 2014
versatile shelving We're using these shelves, both stacked and singly, to maximize the storage space in our rv. March 11, 2014
Multi-functional & sturdy I LOVE these shelves! They are so durable, and the mesh prevents smaller items from slipping through. They also stack very securely. February 17, 2014
Rare and wonderful I bought seven of these stacking shelves after searching vainly for shelves that would fit my narrow closet. They are perfect and I am thrilled to be able to use this space productively--finally! February 6, 2014
Stackably Delicious Now I can open the bottom cabinet in my linen closet without wincing. These were just the right size, and they stack sturdy--no wobble. January 2, 2014
Sturdy and useful I needed more space in a small cabinet -- this is perfect! December 11, 2013
awesome These stack great in my closet and are sturdy enough for all of my shoes. I went back and purchased more to continue with the stacking. December 5, 2013
Small mesh stacking shelves These shelves are great in the back of the closet to hold extra pairs of shoes. Where there are pants in the closet, they fit just behind them, helping to use every bit of needed space! December 3, 2013
Extra space Gave me the extra space I was looking for under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. September 10, 2013
wire stacking shelves All sizes of the wire and mesh stacking shelves are useful. The half sizes can be squeezed into small spaces and double your storage. Please keep making them in all sizes. I'm always finding another spot where I can place one in my small apartment. August 17, 2013
great way to add storage Best shelf of this kind I have seen. They actually snap together rather than just resting on top of one another as most stacking items do. Great for adding extra shelving space. June 3, 2013
Space saver Doubled my space in my pantry. Great place for storing all them items that get lost. April 26, 2013
Just what I was looking for! These are perfect for organizing your pantry. Versatile, sturdy and maximizes space easily. I love them! April 19, 2013
Perfect for stacking! Unlike many of its peers, this shelf is deep enough to completely cover the depth of the average 11" shelf so that you in essence add an extra row. Perfect size! April 17, 2013
Perfect for my closet! My new husband and I are now sharing closet space so I needed a way to organize my many shoes so they're not all over the floor. These shelves were perfect because I could mix and match the lengths that I needed to fit in some closet shelves and not waste space. They work great at keeping my shoes organized while still allowing me to see all of my shoes. Plus, the hubby is happy because they're off the floor! April 15, 2013
Great for Storage and Decor This was an excellent purchase for our bathroom. We were looking for a space-efficient solution to towel storage, as our bathroom lacked an attached linen closet, and these mesh shelves were a perfect match for the narrow space available. March 29, 2013
Pantry is so much more organized with these! I bought the Half-Medium shelves, two, and they are perfect! I hated picking up things to get to something else. These shelves stop me from doing that :) One was warped when I bought it (top one) because there were only these two left at the South Lake store and they're a little weak being mesh, but for the price...$6.99...I can't really complain! However, I may go back to the store next weekend to exchange these for the medium ones, but these do the trick! So we'll see. :D March 25, 2013
Great Shelving! I was having so much trouble finding the perfect shelving and this works so great! March 25, 2013
So Organized My kitchen cabinets were like a dark hole where everything was thrown in. Now I can liocate things and have twice as mych space. March 24, 2013
Great for adding space on kitchen counter top I admit I have way too much clutter, but I feel like I always need everything at hand and it'sdifficult to determine what I really don't need within immediate reach. Plus, I don't have enough storage space in my kitchen anyway. Enter the white mesh shelf. Inconspicuous. Large (width and depth# enough to hold lots of stuff above the shelf, with plenty of room beneath #taller than a mug, shorter than a bottle of Poland Spring#. I use one shelf for vitamins #our family of four takes a lot# and miscellaneous items that keep finding their way in there. I use double shelves (same widths) on a different counter. Under it I store flattish baking pans. On the first shelf I store jarred lentils and such. On the top shelf I store crackers and powdered nutritional supplements for smoothies. Only four stars because the mesh isn't perfectly flat. Everything pretty much stays on, but in some cases, just barely. It's mostly problematic because I try to store too much stuff on the shelves, but if they were perfectly flat, the items would be less likely to tip. March 13, 2013
Great space saver I'm not sure why I waited so long to purchase these. Once I finally brought them in my kitchen it enabled me to make so much more free space and helped me organize. It also inspired me to continue organizing around the rest of the house. I do wish they had them in more sizes. March 10, 2013
Awesome stacking shelves These work great to maximize space in your kitchen cabinets. I used them for mugs and cups. Very sturdy and easy to stack. March 3, 2013
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