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Underbed Drawer

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Great Storage Solution
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With living in an apartment with limited space, my dresser drawers have long exceeded their maximum fill line. In the early stages of spring cleaning I cleaned out under my side of the bed with the intent of putting in some kind of storage drawers to house my less used clothing items. I purchased 3 of these underbed drawers, placed them side by...

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I now have 24 of these wonderful drawers; I don't use them for underbed storage, however! I stack them 8 high and have 3 columns which makes perfect storage in the under eave closet of my remodeled attic bedroom. I considered purchasing a wooden cabinet or installing shelves, neither of which would have resulted in the compact, space saving, yet changeable storage I have created with the Underbed drawers. The drawers stack nicely and securely and close - also nicely and securely - with a click. I am in love with the Underbed Drawers used as a modular dresser - sized to fit! September 9, 2014
Brilliant purchase I bought these for my daughters dorm room at college. Not only do they hold a lot of clothes they are light and stack neatly under the bed. Move in was a breeze as the drawers were all packed! September 2, 2014
love it! Love these storage drawers, I have 40 of them stacked in my walk in closet. I store my 250+ shoes, some have scarves, purses and jewelry all neatly organized and labelled. I wish they would have a sale on these drawers I would get more September 1, 2014
Best Purchase I love this storage container. It would of been great to use but I needed to store embroidery thread and the container would of been too heavy for me to lift so I returned it and found a storage container on wheels at The Container Store that is perfect. The employees were very helpful. May 4, 2014
Perfect for dorms! Purchased 2 of these for my son who is a freshman in college. Perfect for under the bed storage of towels, sheets, etc. May purchase more fore home! April 25, 2014
Best space saver ever! These are so nice. Paired with the 2.5 inch bed risers, my husband and I now each have 6 drawers under our king-size bed (12 total). It is like having an extra dresser under there. They are great for out of season gear and sweaters. The quality is so much nicer than I expected too! March 27, 2014
perfect for extra storage in dorm rooms Bought several of these when my daughter went off to college. They easily stacked under her lofted dorm bed maximizing her usable space and storage. Great buy. March 15, 2014
Great underbed storage! Love this underbed drawer, plastic is good, strong quality and drawer glides in and out nice and easy. They fit perfect under my kid's twin bed frames, a slight amount of space to spare. We used under kids beds to store legos and under our queen bed to store 12x12 scrapbooks. Getting great use out of the space under our beds! Love that I don't have to haul out the entire container to flip open a lid, just slide out enough of the drawer to access what you need. March 7, 2014
Great shoe storage I bought two of these to store shoes and I can fit 6 or 7 pairs of shoes in each one. It's the perfect height for under the bed frame. January 18, 2014
Good Purchase I actually purchased these for storage in our church kitchen under a work table--my wife thought out of the box on that, as stainless steel drawers were very cost prohibited. The underbed drawer fit perfectly, we used three stacked, used a very durable velcro to be sure they didn't shift, and the fit, cost, use, have proved to be exceptional, sadly one of the containers was cracked when it arrived but not so bad that we were unable to use it, plus we didn't want the hassle of returning then waiting for a replacement. All in all very happy with the end result. September 28, 2013
Perfect for Under a Dorm Room Bed!!! The Container Store is the only company to carry these drawers and they are perfect for under a dorm room bed. Raise your bed with bed risers and you can double the drawers for additional storage. 2-3 wide will fit perfectly under and raise the bed to fit 4-6. My daughter raised her bed an additional 7 inches (with wooden risers not purchased from the Container Store) and she was able to fit 4 Underbed Drawers ( 2 stacked on each side) with 4 of the colorful plastic drawers ( 4 drawers in the middle with 2 stacked). She still had room to store luggage behind! Best purchase ever!!! September 26, 2013
Good storage solution These bins are a little over priced but are extremely useful. I bought two and can fit at least 4 more without any risers. They are useful to help clean up the clutter. September 6, 2013
Great product Sturdy, easy to open and close while at the same time fits perfectly under my bed. Great for storing seasonal stuff. Price is a little steep but so worth it. July 29, 2013
Best ever I've been wanting underbed storage ever since I was a kid. I am sooooo glad I got these. They are the perfect size. With a couple of risers on my bed I fit 6 in perfectly. They make my seasonal storage so much better and utilize the space under my bed (which is important in a studio apartment). July 23, 2013
Great Product! This has been a great solution to my storage needs. It fits perfectly under my bed and is perfectly concealed by my bed skirt. This is the perfect space saver for a NYC apartment. April 5, 2013
Top Notch System My boyfriend and I down-sized our bedroom. I took all of his belongings from an old dresser and fit it all in these two storage drawers. The drawers are long and stack one on top of the other. They firt perfectly under our new platform bed. Exactly what we were looking for. April 2, 2013
Storage Drawer This isn't the exact drawer I purchased but is very similar. The purpose for the drawer I bought was to be placed under my coffee table for storing newspapers and magazines. Perfect size and fit easily under the coffee table. March 28, 2013
extremely practical! No matter how big my house is or how many closets and drawers I have, this is sooooo practical that I have a number of them under two beds and I wish I could take several of them to my summer house overseas! March 5, 2013
Great for dorms! I love having this for my underbed storage at college. However, if you want an actual dresser/drawer effect you have to purchase more than one which can get expensive especially if you're a college student. The containers work well, and they have plenty of room for my shoes and clothing. I still recommend purchasing more than one if you have a lot of items. December 21, 2012
Many Uses The Under-bed Drawers also make great drawers for underneath my workbench. With two, 4-in wide strips of 1/8-inch plywood, and 6 wood-screws in each strip, I have attached 6 of these under-bed drawers underneath the tops of two of my workbenches. The drawers are sturdy, and many shallow boxes help to compartmentalize the items that I store in the drawers. They pull out very smoothly, as if on roller bearings. July 8, 2012
great storage I purchased these to use in a storage room . I stacked them up on top of each other on shelves and use them to store wrapping paper, table cloths, linens, even glassware and dishes that I don't use everyday. They ARE deep, though, so be sure you have the depth. 24" July 1, 2012
Underbed Storage Great for my home with little storage space. Provides easy access & keep bugs & dirt out. April 1, 2012
Awesome storage Fits my shoes perfectly! I recommend adding sticky-backed Velcro to the bottoms if you have hard wood floors, or else the whole container gets pulled out instead of just the drawer. March 31, 2012
Love this product. It has solved a major place of disorganization in our business and has systemized & cleaned up a chaotic haphazard approach to handling our equipment. February 29, 2012
Loves It I really like this drawer. It makes great storage and holds a lot of items. The only thing i would say bad about it that its kind of pricey January 20, 2012
Underbed Drawer Love this product! Have very little storage space in our Cape Cod Home. This accompanied by Bed lifts enabled us to provide a abundance of space to store Shoes underneath our beds. January 15, 2012
Excellent! I made a platform bed for a very small bedroom, and I incorporated three of these drawers into the design. No need for a dresser because these drawers (unlike most) actually use most of the space under the bed and thus provide plenty of storage. They slide easily and are virtually dustproof. And, since my drawers are right under the platform, there's enough room under them to store shoes on the floor beneath the bed. They've made a tiny, tiny room into a practical bedroom! October 30, 2011
Great Idea I love my Underbed Drawer(s). I am so happy that I bought them. I have been wanting to take my shoes out of the original boxes so that I could see them to make a decision when getting dressed. However, I had now wall space to build or position a shoe rack. Under the bed was the best decision and the Underbed Drawers work perfect. I don't even need to pull the whole container out; just the drawer. I get to see the shoes with an easy pull of the drawer. I bought two drawers and have black shoes in them. I plan to purchase six more drawers and coordinate them by color. What a wonderful way to store my shoes. Now I can purchase more shoes and not feel guilty about where to store them. I Love It! July 26, 2011
Great Storage Solution With living in an apartment with limited space, my dresser drawers have long exceeded their maximum fill line. In the early stages of spring cleaning I cleaned out under my side of the bed with the intent of putting in some kind of storage drawers to house my less used clothing items. I purchased 3 of these underbed drawers, placed them side by side, and created a new dresser under my bed. I also taped the tops of them together to assist from separation and sliding when opening and closing the drawers which works great. These are super sturdy, which was a nice surprise compared to other plastic drawer containers I have been used to seeing. The drawer is completely enclosed in its plastic casing with a clear top to see the contents if needed. The drawers slide in and out with ease as well. Overall, super great buy and worth it! March 19, 2011
Great for deep closets too I love these for my deep closets! The back of deep closets are usually wasted space but these make it easy to access clear to the back without digging for an hour. February 15, 2011
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