Kids feel a special joy when they see someone anxiously open a gift they've wrapped all by themselves. Following is an easy seven-step process designed to turn out beautifully wrapped gifts - with a child's touch:

1. Set the stage.

Designate an area in the house for wrapping gifts, such as the kitchen, dining room or living room with plenty of working space. Have plenty of holiday treats available, as well as some holiday music playing. And to ensure children have a fun gift wrapping experience, have an adult close by to offer help when needed. Designate a time for mom to help with dad's gifts and vice versa.

2. Start with a hard surface and safe tools.

Wrapping gifts on a hard surface will make it easier for children to fold wrapping paper and create better corners. Also, make sure they use child-safe scissors and non-toxic glues.

3. Make sure the box is the right size.

Parents should help kids select the correct size box for gifts. As a fun and easy alternative to boxes, children might package gifts in festive totes, or decorate their own using plain totes with stickers, tissue, markers and glitter.

4. Properly line the inside of the box.

Make sure kids line the inside of the box with tissue paper, or decorating it with their favorite stickers.

5. Secure the box with box tape.

After placing the gift inside, the child should use at least four pieces of tape - two inches long - on each side of the box, to prevent the box from opening while being wrapped.

6. Be creative when wrapping.

Parents should encourage their kids to be creative when wrapping gifts, letting them use their choice of gift wrap and ribbon. And be sure to include them when shopping for paper, so they can pick out their own paper for the occasion.

7. Properly label all presents.

Parents should help their children select gift tags and cards that clearly designate who the present is "to" and "from." Make sure the kids write legibly on the labels so that the name can be read. If they are young, parents can write names on labels and let the child attach the labels to the gifts.