Environmentally sound products are increasingly popular choices for consumers. But how do you identify what a "green" product is? There isn't a standard or formal definition and it's difficult to generalize. However, there are four widely accepted guidelines for eco-friendly materials:


Materials used or converted for use in another format or product


Reprocessing of old materials into new products in an environmentally conscious way


Items that are produced with minimal long-term effect on the environment


A product that can be broken down by living microorganisms
The Container Store has always offered eco-friendly options   we've sold recycling bins since the 1980s and we've carried items made from repurposed or recycled materials for many years. And we're committed to offering even more eco-friendly products for our customers in response to this growing trend. However, a less obvious way to identify a sustainable product is to consider items that are made of the highest quality that function well and last forever. Those products are found on virtually every shelf in our stores. There is real value and longevity to so many of The Container Store products. For example, an exceptionally durable laundry basket that doesn't have to be replaced for many years is environmentally sound. When something is made well, it lasts a long time. At The Container Store, we demand quality and durability, no matter the product.