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How to Store China & Special Occasion Pieces

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The holidays often mean pulling out special pieces, many of which have been handed down through generations. Help ensure their safekeeping while they are on your watch the other 11 months of the year.

Sterling Idea

A family holiday dinner is the perfect excuse to pull out sterling silver flatware. Storing your collection in a tarnish-resistant chest or bag will go a long way toward saving you time polishing when you set the table. And if you choose to wash your sterling pieces in the dishwasher after the meal, do not mix in stainless steel utensils in the same load.

All That Glitters

It seems that many vintage holiday decorations are awash in glitter. If you’d prefer to keep the sparkle from spreading to every item stored in the same box, be sure to wrap glittered items in a sheet of tissue paper and tape it closed before placing in storage.

Holiday Fashion Plates

If you have special dinnerware for the holidays, make sure it stays protected the rest of the year by storing it properly. Whether you choose quilted bags or cases, be sure to place separators between each plate and bowl to help avoid scratches and chips.