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Guest Room Ideas & Tips

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Is company coming? Follow these simple tips to create a guest room that’s an inviting, thoughtful retreat for your guests.

Identify and anticipate needs

Stay in your guest room overnight one evening to identify what’s missing. Did you find you needed an extra blanket, pillows, clock, radio, reading materials? By staying overnight in the room, you can best identify the amenities your guests will appreciate. If you have a TV set or clock radio, create a guide with popular channels and stations, as well as programming instructions for the clock.

Pamper them

Your thoughtfulness will be remembered. Pamper house guests by placing fragrant liners in drawers and on shelving. Providing them with padded hangers and using room sprays add the finishing touch. Incorporate bottled water, fresh flowers and meaningful framed photographs for an extra-special touch.

A warm welcome

Providing a luggage rack in your guest room allows guests to unpack their belongings after they arrive. If they choose to keep items in their suitcase, a luggage rack makes the contents easier to access.

Clear the clutter

Guest rooms can become a dumping ground for items around your house. Take some time before guests arrive to clear the clutter. Look for often-overlooked storage space under the bed and over doors. Utilize stacking boxes and bins to maximize space in the closet.

Make room for guests' clothes

If you need to create a place for guests to hang their clothes, consider using a freestanding clothing rack that folds compactly when not in use for easy storage. These racks also are ideal for accommodating guests' coats during gatherings. Consider storage space for folded garments, as well. If you don’t have a spare drawer, add a hanging organizer to a closet or garment rack.

Thoughtful touches

Don’t forget items such as a small wastebasket, facial tissue, spare bath tissue, a jewelry tray, hamper and a basket full of fine toiletries to really make your guests feel at home!

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