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TSA-Friendly Travel Size Toiletries

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Traveling with toiletries can quickly become a mess. Make sure your liquids stay secure and TSA-approved with just a few quick steps!

Squeeze In The Most

Using 3.4 ounce or smaller bottles for your toiletries is a requirement if you’re planning to carry on your luggage. To ensure your toiletries survive the jostle of travel and changes in cabin pressure without making a mess, make sure those bottles are leakproof! Even better; making sure your bottles are clear will ensure that you glide smoothly through security.

Keep it on Top

Make going through TSA even smoother by keeping your toiletries packed in an area of your travel bag that’s easily accessible. By making them easy to get to, TSA can inspect them without digging through your entire bag, and you’ll avoid the potential for your toiletries to get smashed at the same time!

Bring it All

Make unpacking toiletries even easier by taking a solution like a zippered hanging organizer with clear pockets. Being able to hang your organizer frees up counter space while the zippers make accessing toiletries a breeze. And the clear pockets keep you from having to dig through your entire bag to find what you’re looking for.

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