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5 Tips for Merging Households - Happy Organized Home®

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Getting married? Congratulations! After the wedding planning is over and the cake is long gone, it’s time to get to work combining your two households into one. Here are a few simple steps that can make the transition easier.

Make a list

Before the wedding, work with your spouse to make your new home a mix of “his” and “hers.” Take an inventory of all the items and furniture you have and decide what is best to keep for your new home together. Keep a detailed list so you can have a clear plan.

Pack smart

Avoid confusion on moving in together day by clearly labeling all moving boxes. Doing this let’s you know what’s inside and what room it needs to go to — and may help alleviate some of the stress of the big day.

Get rid of extras

Sometimes newlyweds have multiples of the same item — one was “hers”, one was “his” — and sometimes one was a wedding gift! Decide what you will really need — you probably need just one toaster, but may need all three phones. Donate or sell the extras. Have two receptacles to collect items for donation and so that you can both be setting those items aside as you pack.

Store it smartly

If there are items that you can’t use just yet as husband and wife, but that you can’t bear to part with, don’t feel you have to get rid of them. Store them in durable storage boxes. If you have room, choose oversized clear totes so you can see what’s inside. If you’re pressed for space, consider keeping the items in decorative storage boxes that can also be part of your decor.

Have a garage sale

What better way to start your new life together than hosting a garage sale at your new home. Sell those “extras” you found between your two households and generate a little extra cash to buy something special for your new home — together. Donate anything that doesn’t sell to charity. What a great way to meet your new neighbors, too!