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How To Make A Packing List

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An inventory list — a list of all of your possessions — is crucial to have in case of natural disasters, theft, fire or other events that might destroy your belongings. This list will help you prove to your home insurance company what you had and what needs to be replaced. A home inventory list also comes in handy when you’re moving, as it gives your movers an idea of how much and what kind of stuff you have, and it helps you keep track of everything while packing and unpacking.

Of course, the idea of making a list of everything you own can be daunting if you’re looking at a large house packed with lots of stuff, but moving into a new place provides a great opportunity for starting fresh with an updated (or new) inventory list. This list can also double as a packing list.

Take Inventory One Room at a Time

Don’t think about making a list of everything you own; concentrate on making a list of everything in one room at a time. Start with the rooms you don’t use often, taking note of the big ticket items first and then moving onto the shelves and into the drawers as you go.

Record Important Information

A good inventory list should include the name of the item, a brief description, when and where the item was purchased or acquired, the make and model number if applicable, and the approximate value. Use a spreadsheet on your computer to keep all of this information organized.

Add a Visual Record

A photo will help prove the condition of your items if you ever find yourself needing to prove value. Digital photos stored with your spreadsheet are a fast and simple way to keep a visual record. You might also make a video of your items as you’re taking inventory. Walk through your home and describe each possession.

Store Your Inventory List Safely

Remember that one of the main reasons for creating an inventory list is in case of disaster striking your home. For that reason, you’ll want to keep your inventory list safe in a spot away from your home, like a safety deposit box, online storage system or at a trusted friend’s home.

Use your Inventory List as a Packing List

Make your inventory list before a big move to make sure all of your items make it safely into a moving box and onto the truck. You can use the list again when you arrive at your new home to make sure everything has arrived safely in the condition in which it was packed.

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