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5 Tips to Keep Your Cool When Moving In Together

5 Tips to Keep Your Cool When Moving In Together-mobile-image

Moving is a notoriously stressful job, one that can scare away even the most loyal of friends. Moving together, whether with a new spouse or a partner of many years, means adding relationship dynamics to the mix. There’s no need for a blow up, however. Moving together can be a fun experience — or at least one that doesn’t result in someone sleeping on the couch for the first night in the new place.

1. Make a plan together.

Chances are one of you is naturally more organized than the other. This means one of you already has some idea of how everything will get done on moving day and one of you is in danger of unknowingly messing up all those plans. Have a talk about how you envision the process going. If you’re the team organizer, share details to make it easier for your partner to help. If you’re not naturally organized, make an effort to see the big picture your partner has in mind and understand what is expected of you — and don’t be afraid to add your input.

2. Have individual responsibilities.

Moving stress often comes from confusion about what needs to be done and criticism about how jobs are being handled. When you’re making your moving plan, be clear on who is in charge of what. Then stand back and trust your loved one to do their job to the best of their ability.

3. Respect each others' material possessions.

When packing, moving and unpacking, treat each others' possessions with the same care and concern that you would your own, even if you’re not sure it’s warranted. What looks like a stack of old t-shirts could be a pile of favorite memories or members of the dry-clean-only club. If it’s not yours, assume it’s special and handle with care.

4. Expect imperfections.

There will be bumps in the road. Something might break, a box might disappear and the moving truck may get a flat tire. Face the day expecting the unexpected and prepared to meet challenges with as much patience as you can muster. A positive attitude can be the best tool for a productive and argument-free moving day.

5. Express your love and appreciation.

Counteract stress with an extra helping of affection. Smile. Say thank you. Compliment your spouse on a job well done when they manage to maneuver the furniture around a corner and up two flights of stairs without too much damage. The added love will make you both feel better.

Keeping your calm when moving together will prevent hurt feelings in your relationship and make the day more enjoyable for any friends you convinced to help, making them more likely to bring over a great housewarming present in the coming weeks.

Tips provided by www.mymove.com.