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Bridal Shower Gift and Wedding Favor Ideas

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Traditionally, brides and grooms aren’t the only ones who get gifts in celebration of their wedding. Before the event, hosts and hostesses who throw wedding showers typically receive a gift of thanks from the betrothed couple. Many couples give favors as a token of appreciation to their wedding guests, wedding attendants are given a gift of thanks for being part of the event — brides and grooms oftentimes give each other a special, meaningful gift before the wedding day. We’ve rounded up some of our best ideas for hostess gifts and favor ideas that are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Hostess Gifts

Consider giving hosts and hostesses a gift that reflects their personal interests as a way to show your appreciation for hosting a pre-wedding shower. Or, if there is one, you might consider following the theme of your shower.

For the Traveler
A travel tote or day pack full of travel essentials makes a great gift. Add a coffee table book about her favorite destination (or somewhere you know she’s dying to go).

For the Foodie
Consider a cookbook holder or recipe card box filled with some of your family’s favorite recipes. Include fresh spices called for in the recipe packaged in a spice organizer.

For the Fashionista
Put together a fashionable closet kit — start with an open bin and add accessory organizers, jewelry holders, or some top-quality hangers. Add a gift card to her favorite clothing or shoe store.

Wedding Favors

From chocolate covered candies to miniature photo frames, brides and grooms have a lot of options when it comes to gifts for their wedding guests!

Package sweets in one of our open bins or small baskets that can also double as an eye-catching table decoration!

Tasty Treats
Use a small glass jar to package homemade granola, trail mix or other snack that guests can enjoy on their way home.

Small Gifts
Disguise or dress up any small gift (from a personalized deck of playing cards to a small candle) in an eye-catching container that will have them guessing what’s inside.