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Classroom Organization Ideas

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An organized classroom not only helps teachers feel less stressed, studies show it also promotes better learning. From organizing your space to supplies and papers, here are some tips to keep things running smoothly.

Organize Paperwork

Don’t get lost in a pile of paperwork! Set up a file system on your desk using four categories: To Do, To File, To Read and Pending. For students, create baskets where they can turn in completed work and assignments, keeping that paperwork separate from your own.

Plan Ahead and Be Colorful

Keep a to-do list and prioritize tasks by labeling them A, B or C (with “A” being the top priority and “C” the least). Organize materials needed for class each day using colored file folders and storage boxes.

Get Students Involved

Opt for portable filing solutions that kids can use to store and easily access writing journals or portfolios. They’ll learn responsibility and it can help you save time!

Go Vertical

One thing many classrooms don’t have is a lot of storage space. Invest in a shelving system like InterMetro™ Shelving that is easy to assemble/disassemble if you’ll be changing classrooms. A tall unit (measuring 74") can provide generous storage since it uses a lot of vertical space that is otherwise wasted with low shelves. Use the top shelves for storing items you don’t access regularly.

Think Clearly

Choose clear boxes for storing supplies so there’s no guessing what’s inside. Also label them so you know where things should be returned. Stacking boxes will maximize what space you have inside a cabinet or on a shelf.

Uniformity is Good

If you have multiple types of large boxes for storing units or seasonal items, consider changing over to just one. A uniform look, particularly for large boxes that are out in the open, goes a long way to create a sense of order in the classroom. Enlist the help of parent volunteers to help you transfer materials from the old boxes to the new ones. Share the boxes you’re no longer using with other teachers.

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