8 Tips For Small Space Organization & Maximizing Space-image


8 Tips For Small Space Organization & Maximizing Space

8 Tips For Small Space Organization & Maximizing Space-mobile-image

Whether you’re moving into an apartment, condominium or dorm room, living in a small space creates unique organizational challenges! Here are some helpful tips for maximizing and organizing small spaces.

Identify what you need to store, and where

If possible, take an inventory of what you own before you move. Whatever you can live without, donate to charity, sell at a garage sale or discard. Decide in advance where items should be stored, such as the bedroom, hall closet or off-site storage area.

Determine what needs to be accessible

Out-of-season clothing and accessories can be placed on high shelves or stored under the bed. Items that are frequently used, such as toiletries and cleaning supplies should be stored in convenient locations. For example, the broom and mop can be stored on a wall-mounted rack in the pantry or closet instead of standing in the kitchen corner. Door shelves and over the door storage can make tremendous use of space and leave important items accessible, rather than needing to box them up.

Develop an organization routine

If you stay in the habit of putting things away immediately and not letting them stack up, you’ll be more content with living in a smaller space.

Here are some suggestions to help make the following living areas seem more spacious:

One of the most practical, but least utilized, spaces in the bedroom is under the bed. By using under bed storage bags or boxes, you can easily store out-of-season clothing and blankets, or other seldom-used items.

Most closet spaces are poorly planned, so don’t be limited by the standard hanging bar and shelf. Install additional rods or purchase stackable shelves or rolling carts to add more space.

Overdoor racks can be used in the pantry to store canned goods, spices and kitchen supplies. Make use of existing shelves by adding shelf expanders and cabinet organizers.

Rolling “carts”: or hand-held trays and baskets, as well as wall-mounted racks, can be used to hold personal toiletries. Over-the-door racks can be used to hang towels, jewelry, hair accessories or bathrobes.

Living room
Entertainment systems are a practical way to combine the stereo, television and other equipment and accessories into one area. Look for a solution that features shelving or drawers above or below, to really maximize the vertical space. Another way to increase storage capacity is to purchase end tables or ottomans that double as storage areas.

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