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Tips for Hosting a Garage Sale

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You know the old saying, “one man's junk is another man's treasure?” Garage are a great way to get rid of the “stuff” that is cluttering your home, and to pass it on to someone who can really use it! Here are some great tips that will make your next garage sale a success.

Plan ahead

Advance preparation is key to a successful garage sale. Begin by sorting items that will be included in the garage sale by function or area of the home. Merchandising items from different areas of the home together makes it easier for customers to find their treasures. So when you’re selecting items to be included in the sale, you’ll save yourself a step if you sort them early.

Attract shoppers

Make your collection as attractive and eye-appealing as possible. Rather than using only tables or boxes to display your items, consider using brightly colored stackable bins or tiered shelves to show off your items. For easy browsing, a rolling garment rack is perfect for hanging shirts, skirts, dresses, coats and suits, and can be used after the garage sale. Also, be mindful of walking paths — be sure to leave plenty of room for people to navigate through the area.

Create great deals

Many items tend to sell faster when grouped as a “package deal,” such as towels and linens tied together with a colorful ribbon or masking tape. Similarly, gather costume jewelry, purses, hats and high-heeled shoes together in decorative gift boxes, hat boxes or totes, and sell them as dress-up sets for children. A pretend office kit can also be created by packaging together pens, pencils, erasers, stationery and folders.

Stay focused and organized

Throughout the garage sale, maintain an organized system for the pricing of items, as well as the check-out and payment process for customers. Use color-coded stickers instead of writing a price on each item. Consider using a waistpack to collect and store cash, so the money is never left unattended.

After the sale

If you have unsold merchandise after the sale is over, consider donating items to charity. Your donation will net you a deduction on next year’s taxes and you’ll avoid cluttering up your house again with unwanted items. In most cities, you can arrange for pick-up of your remaining items at your house, which will eliminate the temptation to keep any unsold items.