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The Best Gift Wrapping Supplies

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Gift wrapping pros will tell you — you’re only as good as the materials you’re working with. We offer these “must-have” wrap accessories to ensure that your gift wrapping experience is organized and stress free.

Double-Sided Tape

Sounds simple, but using double-sided tape is a secret the pros use for a flawless finish!

Quality Scissors

Nothing can ruin a wrapping experience like a dull pair of scissors that shreds wrapping paper or cuts ribbon unevenly. Select a high quality pair of scissors and use them ONLY for ribbon — doing so will prolong the sharp cutting edge. Tie a piece of ribbon around the handle so you’ll remember. Consider Rolling Scissors or other solutions designed specifically for making cutting gift wrap easier.

Ribbon Wire

This is an essential tool for securing handmade bows. Plus, it can be used as a fun and playful addition to your present.

Gift Boxes

Stock up on gift boxes of varying sizes so you always have something to wrap with. Choose boxes that fold flat for easy storage.

Tissue Paper

Available in a rainbow of colors, tissue adds a special touch when you use it to wrap the present inside the box. Choose colors that coordinate with the gift wrap you’ve chosen for a purely professional presentation. When wrapping fragile items, place crumpled balls of tissue around the item after wrapping it for additional protection.

Gift Bags

It happens to everyone — there are times when you just don’t have time to wrap a present! Keep a supply of gift bags in varying sizes for last-minute wrapping emergencies.

Store It!

Keep all your gift wrapping essentials neat, accessible, and in first class shape with a gift wrap organizer. Keeping supplies organized will make gift wrapping easier and more enjoyable. Choose from a wide variety of organizers to suit your storage needs — from organizers that hang from a closet rod to ones that can be stowed under a bed.

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