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Bathroom Space Saving Ideas

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Are you troubled by your tiny bathroom ? Many homes, particularly older homes, are very limited by the small space in the bathroom, which can wreak havoc on your morning routine, especially for large families! Here are a few tips to get your bathroom in good working order.

Start with a schedule

To help ease the morning rush, schedule different times for each family member to use the bathroom area to shower and get dressed. If homes are limited to one full-size bath area and a half-bathroom, schedule family members to use the full-size bathroom for showering, and the smaller area for brushing teeth, applying make-up or styling hair during high-traffic times. Display the morning schedule on a wipe-off calendar or chalkboard so that it can change as schedules vary.

Organize the existing space

Start with the basics by taking advantage of the space that already exists. All bathrooms have common areas that can be expanded with simple organization products.

  • Behind doors and walls: Make use of the bathroom’s vertical space by installing overdoor racks and wall grids to hang extra towels or washcloths, jewelry, hair accessories or bathrobes. This will avoid countertop clutter.
  • Cabinets and drawers: For bathrooms with limited shelves or cabinet space, install a wall-mounted rack, or use a rolling cart or trays or baskets to hold personal toiletries. Using their own shower totes or organizers, family members can store their toiletries in their bedrooms and carry them to the bathroom when needed. Use drawer organizers, and assign one to each family member for storing personal toiletries and accessories.
  • Floor: Place laundry bags or clothes hampers in or near the bathroom so family members will put away dirty clothes instead of leaving them on the floor. Try pre-sorting whites and colors into color-coded laundry hampers to save time in the laundry room.

Add new space — without construction

Other organization products can create new storage areas within the bathroom. For example, the use of a shower caddy helps organize bathroom toiletries. Maximize unused space under the sink by adding sliding shelves or drawers that provide extra vertical storage space.

If space permits, look for a freestanding storage unit to hold towels and toiletries. And don’t forget the space over the toilet! Add wall-mounted shelves to instantly create more space.

Add time-savers

Save time in the bathroom by placing a fogless mirror in the shower so that men can shave while showering. Add a shower clock as a reminder to family members to limit the length of their showers.

Remember the kids

For families with younger children, bathtub caddies are great for holding and draining bath toys and toiletries. These caddies will save valuable cabinet space that is commonly used for storing bath items. Get a step stool for younger children so that they can reach the sink to wash and dry their hands or brush their teeth without assistance. Parents can concentrate on getting themselves ready, rather than on their children.